Sri Govardhan

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namaste girirajaya sri govardhana namine
ashesha klesha nashaya paramananda dayine

I offer my respectful obeisances unto the king of all hills, Govardhana Hill (the source of enjoyment for the senses, land, and cows). He is a servant of Krsna and is Krsna Himself. He puts an end to unlimited sufferings and bestows the supreme bliss.

All glories to the magnificent Govardhan Hill, the celebrated crown of Sri Vrajamandal and the receptacle of great respect and admiration from all the Vrajavasis. By providing fresh grass for the cows to graze, clean and refreshing waters in its lakes and rivers, delicious fruits, fragrant flowers, multicoloured mineral pigments and sweet honey, Govardhan serves the Lord and all his associates very expertly. Sri Krishna performed numerous transcendental pastimes in the caves, on the hilltops, at the banks of the lakes and in the valleys of this blessed mountain. Beautiful pastimes like breaking the pride of Indra, danakeli, the lila at Kusum sarovar and many other such sweet pastimes were performed by Shyamsundar in Govardhan. It is at the base of this great mountain that the best of all holy places, Sri Radhaund, dearer to Sri Krishna than his very life, is present. Here, the divine couple perform innumerable amorous pastimes in the company of their dear Gopi friends, far away from the prying eyes of Jatila and Kutila. The glories of Sri Govardhan are indeed unfathomable for he has been glorified by Srimati Radhika herself as Hari dasya varya, the best among the devotees of Sri Hari. Being thus established as the best of devotees, he is fully capable of bestowing the greatest benediction of Krishna prem upon all surrendered souls, thus putting an end to the material miseries and unlimited sufferings experienced by the living entities. We therefore pay our humble obeisances at his lotus feet and pray for his causeless mercy. The pure devotees of the Lord are so magnanimous, that their mere remembrance is all purifying and can bestow all auspiciousness.