Sri Krishna’s Paternal family

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Just like within this material world, if we desire to go somewhere, we would enquire and try to gain information about that place. This is done for various purposes, like desiring to know more about the place, increasing our eagerness for going there and  preparing to go there. Similarly, the goal of all the devotees performing Sadhan Bhakti is to enter the spiritual kingdom and serve the Lord there. With this end in mind, it is very natural that one would enquire about Golok Vrindavan and all the eternal associates of the Lord already residing there and performing various loving pastimes with the object of their affection, Sri Shyamsundar. Even those who have not yet developed the eagerness to know more about that transcendental realm, should still attentively listen about the most glorious abode of the Lord, for that shall cleanse one of their attachment to this world and grant them with a desire to reach Golok Vrindavan, the most splendid and top most planet in the Spiritual world. In the same way, one should know about the transcendental associates of the Lord, like his servants, friends, family members, and beloved Gopis, for all our relationships in this world are temporary and therefore, we should try to know and develop a relationship with the eternal associates of the Lord, under whose guidance we also hope to one day serve the Lord. In order to provide all this important information and to give a glimpse of the Spiritual World, Srila Rupa Goswami has written Sri Radha Krishna Ganodesh Dipika, which is like a lamp showing the reader the eternal associates and realm of Radha and Krishna.

In this glorious book, we can find a nice description about the paternal family of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna, the life and soul of all the Vrajavasis and the giver of pleasure to the Go(Cows), Gopas(Cowherd boys) and Gopis (Cowherd Girls), is the beloved son of Sri Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda devi, the King and Queen of Vraja. His Paternal Granfather, the father of Nanda Mahraj, is famous as Sri Parajanya Maharaj, who had nicely worshiped Sri Vishnu, following the instructions of Narad Muni, with the desire to have illustrious sons. Being pleased with his worship, a celestial sound from the sky told him that he would have five sons, of which the middle one, who shall be famous as Nanda, will be the best. The son of Nanda will be a very great personality, worshipped by the demigods and demons alike. Hearing this gave great pleasure to Parajanya Maharaj. As predicted, his beloved wife and the paternal grandmother of Krishna, Variyasi devi, gave birth to five sons and two daughters as well. The Eldest Son is Sri Upananda Maharaj and his wife is Tungi, sometimes also called Tula devi. Their sons are names Kandava, Dandava and Subhadra, and are the elder cousins of Sri Krishna. The Wife of Subhadra is the beautiful Gopi Kundalata, the sister-in-law of Krishna, and she is always eager to assist in the pastimes of Sri Krishna with Srimati Radhika. The younger brother of Upananda Maharaj and second paternal uncle of Krishna is Abhinandan Maharaj and his wife is famous as Pivari devi. Sri Sananda, also known as Sunanda is the younger brother of Maharaj Nanda and is married to Kuvalaya devi. Sri Sunanda is extremely dear to Sri Nandanandan. The youngest brother of Maharaj Nanda is Nandan, and his wife is known as Atulya devi. The two paternal aunts of Sri Krishna are Saanandaa,married to Mahanila, and Nandini, married to Sunila. Thus, Sri Krishna has 4 paternal uncles and 2 paternal aunts. Sri Krishna’s Grandfather Parjanya Maharaj has one sister named Suverjanaa, married to Gunavira, and two Brothers names Urjanya and Rajanya. Rajanya Maharaj has two sons names Catu and Vatuka, who are the cousins of Nanda Maharaj and thus the uncles of Sri Krishna. They are married to Dadhisaraa(also known as Yasho devi) and Havihsaraa(also known as Yashasvini), who are also the sisters of Sri Yashoda devi, the dear mother of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna’s elder brother is Sri Balaram, the son of Vasudev and Rohini,who extremely dear to him. He also has deep love and affection for Rohini maiyya, the mother of Sri Balaram. Let us all bow down at the lotus feet of all these great personalities, who have the Supreme Lord as their very own son, grandson, nephwe and so forth. May they bless us that we can some day go and personally offer our respects at their lotus feet.