Sri Radha Kund and Shyam kund

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The transcendental pastimes of the transcendental Lord are ever fresh and relishable for the vaishnavas. One such story, which is very dear to all the devotees of the Lord, is the story of the appearance of Radha kund and Shyamkund. This wonderful story starts when, after the killing of the ferocious demon Arishtasur, Shri Krishna went to the Gopis, desirous of relishing transcendental mellows, the Gopis headed by Vrishabhanunandindi Shrimati Radhika, bluntly stopped Krishna from touching them, rebuking him for killing a bull, which is considered sinful according to the injunctions of the scriptures. Regardless of whatever Krishna would say to justify his killing of the demon, the Gopis adamantly stuck to their argument and retorted all his approaches by saying that he was impure and should not sully the pure Gopis. Thereupon, Krishna, taking the advice of the Gopis and in order to atone for the sin of killing a bull, summoned all the holy places of pilgrimage from the entire universe to come and enter the big crater that he created by striking his heel on the ground. Taking bath in this beautiful Kund, which was now full with the pristine waters of all the Teerthas, Krishna exclaimed that now he was absolved of
all sin but by siding with a demon, the Gopis had become impure and should also take a dip in the holy Shyam kunda, to rectify their fault of siding with a demon. The Gopis however refused to enter Shyam Kund, stating that it had become contaminated due to washing away Vrajendranandan’s sins. Therefore, they would make their own new, even more magnificent kund with their bracelets and fill it
with the water of Manasi ganga. After great endeavor, the gopis succeeded in making a big crater by digging the ground with their bracelets, and they began to bring pots full of Manasi ganga water and pour it into the empty lake. Despite thousands of Gopis being engaged in the task of bringing water from Manasi ganga, taking tremendous amount of time and effort, yet the lake did not fill up. Seeing this Shri Krishna requested the Gopis to take water from his Shyam kund, but due to their stubborn determination the Gopis refused to do so. Despite Shyam’s
numerous requests, the Gopis, turning a deaf ear towards all that he was saying, just continued to bring Manasi ganga water. Seeing this Damodar told all the Teertha personified personalities to go and implore Shrimati Radha to give them an opportunity to serve her by entering her Kund. Desirous to serve Govindamohini, they all beseeched her to kindly allow them to serve her by filling her Kund withtheir sweet waters. Being merciful upon them, Shrimati permitted them to enter her Kund, which they did by breaking the ground between Shyam kunda and Radhakund and thus flowing throught the gap entered Radhakund and joined the two beautiful lakes.

Thus Radha kund and Shyam kund made their divine appearance, where the youthful couple of Vrindavan enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes everyday during Madhyan lila, the mid day pastimes. Kalanidhi Shyam and Kalavati Radha enjoy water sports in the refreshing waters of Shri Radhakund, among fragrant fresh lotus flowers of a variety of colors, along with all their Gopi friends, to the fullest of their hearts content. Thereafter they enjoy various board games, swing pastimes or various other kinds of entertaining games in the surrounding kunjas and forest grooves. After their delightful sports, Radha Shyamsundar rest in one of the kunjas at the banks of Radhakund, where the Gopis and Manjaris render various services to them.