Sri Saranga Thakur disappearance day

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Srimati Nandimukhi, the daughter of Sandipani muni, grand-daughter of Purnamasi and sister of Madhumangal, who assists in the amorous pastimes of Sri Jugal Radha Shyamsundar by arranging their meetings in the flowering groves of Vrindavan, appeared as Sri Saranga Thakur Prabhu to assist in the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Living in Mamgacchi on the Island of Modadrum dwipa, Saranga Thakur prabhu would lovingly serve his worshipable Lords by daily bathing them, dressing them, collecting fruits, vegetables and begging rice to cook for them. Thereafter he would go and join Sachinandan Gaurahari in his Sankirtan in Mayapur. His Lords, Sri Radha Gopinath, are still present in Mamagachi, bestowing their mercy upon the devoted Vaishnavas going to take their darshan. Once, Sri Gaurasundar visited Saranga Thakur Prabhu in Mamgacchi and noticed that the Bakul tree under which he was living was on the verge of dying. Seeing this the Lord embraced the tree, thus blessing it. Having thus received the mercy of Gaurahari, the tree once again became healthy and is splendidly present there till today.
Fearing that it would cause hinderance in his Bhajan, Saranga Thakur prabhu decided not to accept any disciples. However, Gauranga Mahaprabhu repeatedly instructed him to accept disciples and therefore one day he reluctantly accepted the Lord’s instruction and said that the first person he would see the next morning, he would initiate him into the chanting of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. It so happened that the next morning a dead body came ashore to where he was taking his bath in the ganges, for it was customary to put the body of a dead child on a rafter and leave it in a holy river rather than burning it. Seeing the boy, that merciful Prabhu revived him and initiated him. Knowing of his revival, the parents of the boy came to get him, but he refused to go back home and remained at the lotus feet of his Guru. This most fortunate disciple of Saranga Thakur came to be known as Murari or sometimes as Saranga Murari.
On the auspicious disappearance day of Sri Saranga Thakur, which falls on the Krishna Trayodashi Tithi in the month of Agrahayan(Margashirsha), we offer our humble prayers at his lotus feet. May he bless us all with deep attachment for the Lotus feet of Sri Gaurachandra and Sri Sri Radha Gopinath.