Sri Shyamsundar in Vraja is the most complete

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Whenever there is a decline in religious principals and a predominance of irreligiosity, the Personality of Godhead descends to the Earth, for the protection of his devotees and the annihilation of the miscreants. This has been explained by Sri Krishna himself in Bhagavat Gita, however, the Lord in his selfsame transcendental form of Sri Krishna appears only once in the day of Brahma, while other times his expansions appear for the purpose of annihilating the demons. What can be said about our great good fortune, for it is in this very same chaturyuga that Swayam Bhagawan Sri Krishna appeared in Vraja 5000 years ago.

Even though, in order to maintain this material world, he appears for the apparent purpose of bringing back balance in this world, the actual purpose for his appearance can be understood to be his ardent desire to attract the conditioned living entities with his sweet pastimes with his intimate associates, seeing which they can get attracted to him and giving up all attachment to the material world, go back home back to Godhead to him and relish transcendental bliss in their constitutional position as his eternal servants and associates. For in truth, what need is there for the Lord to personally come to kill the miscreants, merely by his desiring so, they would all be vanquished in a moment. But for the purpose of showering causeless mercy upon all the living entities, who have become forgetful of their eternal relation with him, he comes to bestow mercy upon them and show them a glimpse of the transcendental bliss that is forever prevalent in the spiritual sky. To this end, Sri Shyansundar performs various pastimes in Vrindavan, Mathura and Dwarka, in order to attract the minds of different living entities, who would be attracted to the varieties of pastimes that the Lord performs.

Even though Sri Krishna is the most perfect original Personality of Godhead, yet it has been stated by the foregone acharyas that Dwarkadheesh Sri Krishna is complete and so are his pastimes too, Sri Mathuresh Krishna is more complete and so are his pastimes in Mathura more complete than those in Dwarka, but Sri Vrajendranandan Shyamsundar is the most complete and similarly the pastimes that he performs in Vraja are the epitome of transcendental blissful pastimes of the Lord. These pastimes are in the association of various devotees, who possess different types of Bhava, or feelings for him in one of the five predominant rasas namely Shanta, Dasya, Sakhya, Vatsalya and Madhurya. Even though the same relationships of fraternity, with Uddhav and others, parental affection, with Devaki and Vasudev, and conjugal love, with his 16,108 wives, are also present in Dwarka and Mathura, these relations are tinged with Aishwarya bhava and therefore these associates are always conscious of Sri Krishna being the Supreme Personality. For this reason, Uddhav is never able to climb on Krishna and tease him saying that he is stronger than Krishna, whereas Subal, Madhumangal, Sridam, Stoka Krishna and other Sakhas, being unaware of Krishna’s position as Supreme Lord due to the covering of Yogamaya, and thinking him to be their best friend, wrestle with him and defeat him, climb on him and play with him like their very dear friend. Mother Yashoda picks up a stick and runs after Krishna when he steals butter and Nanda Maharaj gives him instructions as his very own son, being oblivious of his Godhood, whereas Devaki and Vasudev, although having parental affection for Sri Krishna, are always aware of his position. Above all, the parakiya rasa in Vraja Dham is the highest, for the Vraja Gopis completely control Sri Krishna with their love. The queens in Dwarka are very submissive to their husband Krishna, but in Vraja, Sri Krishna is submissive to the will of his beloved Gopis. When Srimati Radhika, the crest jewel of all the young cowherd girls in Vraja displays Mana, jealous anger, the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna bends down and places his flute and peacock feather at her lotus feet in order to pacify her. These topmost loving relationships in Vraja are characterized by a deep feeling of possessiveness or Mamata, due to which the cowherd boys, Nanda, Yashoda, the vrajavasis and the gopis consider Krishna to be their dear most possession, dearer to them than their very life, and it is due to this intense love that Sri Krishna is completely subdued by their love. The presence of these topmost sweet loving relationships between the Lord and his associates make his pastimes in Vraja most enchanting and relishable. We therefore bow down to Sri Vrajarajsuta Ghanashyam and his dear associates and beg to one day be able to serve them in the topmost Land of Vraja.