Srila Bhakti Charu Mahraj Disappearance

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Only one who has sincerely served the Guru 
Moulded by him in the way he desires
A true representative of the disciplic succession 
becomes the instrument in the hands of the Acharyas
For only a true disciple makes a true master

Serving his Spiritual master in various ways 
From being his personal servant to serving his mission 
From preaching the glorious of Sri Shyamsundar 
To spending wakeful nights translating books into Bengali 
His entire life a story of service at the lotus feet of Prabhupad

Singing the glories of the Lords with heartfelt sentiments
Giving discourses on the path of Bhakti, pure devotional service 
Instrumental in continuing the movement of Srila Prabhupad 
His smile would destroy all sorrows of his dear disciples
His every word and action was an inspiration for his followers

Elegant, Charu, and full of devotion, Bhakti, as his name suggests 
His entire life sets an example for all those who desire to become 
An ideal disciple, an ideal devotee, an ideal master, an ideal Personality
Leaving the field of our Vision he has entered the hearts of all 
Enshrined in the memories of the Vaishnavas, he shall live forever