Srila Gaur Kishor das babaji maharaj disappearance day

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All glories to Srila Gaur Krishor Das babji Maharaj and the auspicious Utthan Ekadashi tithi in the month of Kartik, the day when he brought his pastimes in this world to an end and entered the eternal pastimes of the divine couple of Vraja, Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar. The embodiment of Vairagya and Vipralamba bhava, or renunciation and the mood of separation, as made evident in the pranam mantra, NAMO GAURA-KISORAYA SAKSAD-VAIRAGYA-MURTAYE VIPRALAMBHA-RASAMBUDHE PADAMBUJAYA TE NAMAH, Srila Gaur Kishope das babaji maharaj was always absorbed in his bhajan, being unconcerned about the affairs of this world. Being fully dependent upon the desire of the Lord, when Vimala Prasad went to him for initiation, he clearly refused and when he saw the determination and eagerness of Bhakti Siddhanta to take initiation from him, he said that he would ask Mahaprabhu and if Gaurahari himself instructed him to give initiation, then only he would do so. Thus complying to the desire of the Lord, he gave Vimala Prasad initiation and named him Sri Varshabhanavi dayita das. While living an austere life of complete renunciation and being constantly immersed in his bhajan, he composed only one song, remembering the glories and mood of Srila Raghunath das goswami. Imbued with the mood of deep separation from his Praneshwari, he called out to Vrindavan Vilasini Sri Radha, following in the footsteps of Srila Raghunath das goswami. The extremely beautiful bhajan composed by him, saturated with divine sentiments, is as follows:

kothaya go premamayi radhe radhe
radhe radhe go, jaya radhe radhe
Where is She who is full of prema? All glories to Sri Radha.

dekha diye prana rakha, radhe radhe
tomara kańgala tomaya dake, radhe radhe
O Radha, please give me Your darsana and save my life. Your wretched beggar calls out to You, “Radhe! Radhe!”

radhe vrndavana-vilasini, radhe radhe
radhe kanu-mana-mohini, radhe radheO Radha
You enjoy pleasure pastimes in the forest of Vrndavana wherein You enchant the mind of Krsna.

radhe asta-sakhira siromani, radhe radhe
radhe vrsabhanu-nandini, radhe radhe
(gosai) niyama kare sadai dake, radhe radhe
O Radhe, You are the crest-jewel among Your eight principal sakhis. O Radha, daughter of Vrsabhanu Baba. Raghunatha dasa Gosvami was alway calling out, “Radhe!Radhe!”

(gosai) eka-bara dake kesi-ghate,
abara dake vaḿsi-vate, radhe radhe
(gosai) eka-bara dake nidhu-vane,
abara dake kusja-vane, radhe radhe
Sometimes at Kesi-ghata, sometimes at Vamsi-vata. Sometimes in Nidhuvana, sometimes in Seva-kunja.

(gosai) eka-bara dake radha-kunde,
abara dake syama-kunde, radhe radhe
(gosai) eka-bara dake kusuma-vane,
abara dake govardhane, radhe radhe
Sometimes at Radha-kunda, sometimes at Syama-kunda, sometimes at Kusuma-sarovara, sometimes at Giriraja-Govardhana.

(gosai) eka-bara dake tala-vane,
abara dake tamala-vane, radhe radhe
(gosai) malina vasana diye gaya,
vrajera dhulaya gadagadi jaya, radhe radhe
Sometimes at Talavana, sometimes at Tamalvana. Raghunatha dasa wears simple cloth which appears to be dirty because he is always rolling on the earth crying out, “Radhe! Radhe!”

(gosai) mukhe radha radha bale,
bhase nayanera jale, radhe radhe
(gosai) vrndavane kuli kuli kêde bedaya
radha bali’, radhe radhe
Calling out “Radhe! Radhe,” his eyes are bursting with a flood of tears. He wanders throughout the lanes of Vrndavana crying out, “Radhe! Radhe!”

(gosai) chapanna danda ratri-dine
jane na radha-govinda vine, radhe radhe
He knows nothing but Radha-Govinda throughout the day and night (56 dandas: 1 danda=24 minutes). Radhe! Radhe!

tara para cari danda suti’ thake
svapne radha-govinda dekhe, radhe radhe
He takes rest for only 4 dandas (1 hr. 36 min.). At that time in his dreams he receives darsana of Radha-Govinda. Radhe! Radhe!

On the auspicious day of his holy disappearance, we pray to him to please grant us his causeless mercy, so that some day we also may be able to call out to Sri Radha. Seeing us to be the followers of Srila Gaur Kishor das babaji maharaj, she shall then certainly bestow upon us the treasured jewel of service to her two divine lotus feet.