Srimati Ananga Manjari, Lord Balaram in Madhurya rasa

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Lord Balaram is certainly the best of the servants of Sri Krishna, who is dearer to him than his very life. Desiring to serve Vrajendranandan, he expands as all his personal paraphernalia, such as his bed, his shoes, his comb and all his other belongings. He also expands as the dham to facilitate the sweet transcendental pastimes of the Lord. Thus, he serves the Lord in Shanta Rasa. As his elder brother, he serves him in the three rasas of dasya, sakhya and vatsalya, serving him, being his friend and affectionately looking after him as his elder brother. Further desiring to serve him in all the mellows of transcendental love, Balaram expands as Srimati Ananga Manjari to serve Krishna in the most brilliant Madhurya rasa.

Ananga Manjari is the daughter of Sri Vrishabhanu Maharaj and Kirtida devi, and the younger sister of Vrindavaneshwari Srimati Radhika. As her name ‘Ananga’, meaning cupid, suggests, she is the embodiment of exquisite transcendental beauty, with the most charming features which attract the mind of Sri Krishna. Her doe like beautiful eyes pierce the heart of the young prince of Vraja, and her enchanting smile makes him swoon in ecstasy. In Sri Radha Krishna ganoddesh dipika, Srila Rupa Goswami has described that Srimati Ananga Manjari has a beautiful complexion like that of a springtime Ketaki flower and her silken attire is the color of a blue lotus.  Being the dear younger sister of Srimati Radhika, she has a very exalted position in the pastimes of Radha Shyamsundar and is herself also engaged in amorous pastimes with Sri Krishna. In Sri Radha Kunda, she has a gorgeous kunj, made of precious jewels, where various flowering creepers are always in full bloom, spreading the aroma of the blossoms in all the directions, attracting the bumble bees. This most enchanting grove, famous as Sri Svananda Sukhada Kunj, where the divine couple Sri Radha Madhav perform various beautiful pastimes, is situated right in the centre of Sri Radha Kund, connected to the shore with a bridge made of moon stones and other precious gems.

Indeed, Sri Krishna is so attracted to Srimati Ananga Manjari that he prays to receive her association, and this is but natural, for she is the younger sister of Srimati Radhika and the expansion of Lord Balaram. In this way, Lord Balaram serves Gopinath in Madhurya rasa as well, in the form of Srimati Ananga Manjari. The devotees can go take darshan of Srimati Ananga Manjari in the temple of Sri Radha Gopinath in Sridham Vrindavan, where she is worshiped along with Srimati Radharani and Gopinath. We pray to this form of Lord Baladev, Srimati Ananga Manjari, to bestow her mercy upon us and engage us in the service of the lotus feet of her elder sister, Madanmohan-mohini Srimati Radhika.