Srimati Radhika opening her lotus petal eyes

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Sri Vrishabhanu Maharaj, the father of Srimati Radhika, the eternal consort of Swayam Bhagwan Sri Krishna and the origin of all Laxmis, was greatly desirous of having a daughter and was therefore greatly delighted when he found Radha on a Lotus flower in the Yamuna. However, his joy was also greatly distressed at heart because his dear daughter Radhika was not opening her eyes and thus they all thought that she was blind and thinking like this, Vrishabhanu Maharaj and Kirtida devi were extremely unhappy. One day, a few days after being blessed with the good fortune of getting Srimati Radhika, the celestial sage Narada arrived in the house of Maharaj Vrishabhanu. After being duly welcomed and honoured by him, Narada inquired about the welfare of his family and knowing that Radhika was to appear in his house, asked about his children. When asked by the great sage, Maharaj Vrishabhanu called his son Sridam and asked the sage to bless him. Having blessed Sridam, Narad enquired about a daughter, to which Maharaj Vrishabhanu, due to being greatly distressed about his daughter being blind, refused having any daughter. When Narad Muni kept asking the same question, he finally told him about Srimati Radhika and how she was not opening her eyes. Narad Muni then expressed his desire to see the baby girl and instructed MAharaj Vrishabhanu and Kirtida to arrange for ingredients for him to be able to perform some ceremonies for her welfare. After taking Narad to their daughter, they immediately started gathering all the required ingredients. When alone with Srimati Radharani in the room, Narad Muni, with folded hands, started glorifying and offering prayers to Govindanandini Radha, and requested her to appear before him in her eternal form as a Kishori, which she did, being satisfied with his prayers and devotion. AFter having then performed the ceremonies, Narad instructed Vrishabhanu to organise for a big festival to celebrate being blessed with a daughter and to invite Nanda Maharaj in the festival as well. When the grand festival was organised, Nanda Maharaj and mother Yashoda arrived there with their son Krishna, who was crawling at the time. While the elders absorbed in various discussions, Sri Krishna crawled up to the cot of Radhika and peered inside to look at her, who is his dear most gopi and his very life. Understanding that her beloved Shyamsundar was looking at her, Srimati Radhika opened her lotus petal eyes and gazed at him with transcendental love. The very reason for her to have kept her eyes closed till now was that she desired to see no one else before seeing the Lord of her life. And thus, when Shyamsundar came in front of her, she opened her blue eyes, which are anointed with unfathomable love for Shyam. Seeing the gorgeous eyes of their daughter open, Vrinshabhanu Maharaj, Kirtida and all the assembles Vrajavasis were overjoyed and showered her with all their love and affection.