Srimati Radhika, the queen of Vraja

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amala-kamala-kāntiṁ nīla-vastrāṁ sukeśīṁ
śaśadhara-sama-vaktrāṁ khañjanākṣīṁ manojñām
stana-yuga-gata-muktādāma-dīptāṁ kiśorīṁ
vraja-pati-suta-kāntāṁ rādhikām āśraye ’ham
Her complexion is like that of a spotless lotus flower, She is attired in blue cloth, and Her hair is very beautiful. Her face is like the full moon, Her eyes—like those of a wagtail—are very charming, and upon Her breasts rests a radiant pearl necklace. She is eternally youthful, and She is the dear most lover of the son of the king of Vraja. I take shelter of that Śrīmatī Rādhikā.

All glories to the beloved of Shyamsundar, Srimati Radhika, the best amongst the cowherd Gopis of Vraja and the dear most devotee of Krishna. Endowed with the most charming beauty and an endless ocean of divine qualities, Vrindavaneshwari Srimati Radhika, the queen of the most enchanting forest of Vrindavan, steals the heart of Vrajendranandan Shyamsindar, and makes him desirous of receiving her association. Being surrounded by her affectionate Gopi friends, who are all a shoreless ocean of divine charm and qualities, she reigns over Vraja and the hearts of all the residents of this holy abode. May Srimati Radhika take us under her shelter and bestow her mercy upon us, blessing us with service unto her divine lotus feet.