Srimati Radhika

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All glories to Srimati Radhika, the dear most beloved of Vrajendranandan Sri Krishna and the best among all the devotees of the Lord. She, with her pure love and matchless qualities, completely controls the mind of Sri Krishna and is therefore known as Madan-mohan-mohini, the one who attracts the mind of Madan mohan Sri Krishna, the attractor of Cupid. Being the manifestation of the pleasure potency of Sri Krishna, she alone is capable of giving complete pleasure to him and fulfilling all his desires. With her exquisite beauty, gentle nature, expertise in the 64 arts, and her honey like thick and sweet love for her beloved, she, by performing amorous pastimes with Sri Krishna in the fragrant flowering bowers of Vraja along the banks of the river Yamuna, makes Gopinath drown in an Ocean of ecstatic bliss. By thus perfectly serving the lord of her life, she controls him with love and even displays jealous anger and other such esoteric moods, just to enhance the flavour of the pastimes to make them even more relishable for Gopijana-Vallabh. Thus being completely enamoured by her love, Sri Krishna constantly thinks about and meditates on Srimati Radhika, desiring to drink the nectar of her lips and to here her melodious, sweet and charming speech filled with the rasa of various pastimes. He chants her names and meditates upon her, considering her to be his very life and soul. Taking her Kund, Sri Radha Kund, to be a representative of her’s, he faithfully bathes in its waters and thus feels great jubilation. When his Praneshwari Sri Radha shows Maan, jealous anger, he places his flute and peacock feather in her lotus feet and begs for forgiveness. When he is unable to meet her due to various obstacles, he losses all composure and, not being able to withstand even a moment of separation from her, sheds torrents of tears in separation from her. Thus is his love for her. Therefore, when he sees a devotee surrendering at the lotus feet of Srimati Radhika, he immediately favours that devotee by bestowing all his mercy upon that vaishnava. Sri Krishna himself says:

‘ra’ sabdam kurvatas trasto
dadami bhaktim uttamam
‘dha’ sabdam kurvatah pascat
yami sravana lobhatah.

Shri Krishn proclaims, the moment I hear ‘Ra’ from anyone’s lips, I grant My supreme prema-bhakti. But the next moment when I hear ‘dha’, I become intoxicated in Radha nama. I run after the devotees who chant Radha-nama.

We should therefore take shelter at the lotus feet of Vrindavaneshwari Sri Radha, the dear-most beloved of Radhanath and the most merciful Swamini who affectionately takes care of all the souls taking shelter of her lotus feet. May Srimati Radhika accept us all as her very own and grant us with service to her two divine lotus feet.