Srimati Sita thakurani appearance day

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Let us all offer our respectful obeisances to Srimati Sita Thakurani, the consort of Sri Adwaita Acharya and a shoreless ocean of motherly affection for Sri Gauranga Sundar. Blessing the house of Shri Nrishinga Baduri, she appeared as his daughter on the auspicious shukla panchami tithi in the month of Bhadrapada in Phuliya Nagar. After her marriage to Sri Adwaita Acharya, they moved to Nadiya to live in Sri Shantipur. Being good friends of Jagannath Mishra and Sachi devi, they were informed about the birth of the long awaited child of Srimati Sachidevi, hearing which both husband and wife drowned in an ocean of bliss. Taking the permission of her husband, Srimati sita Thakurani ascended a beautiful palanquin and proceeded towards Mayapur to go see the new born child of her friend Sachi, taking with her auspicious articles like fresh grass, paddy, sandalwood, aguru, gorochana, turmeric and numerous gifts like silken garments, gold and silver coins, priceless ornaments and various other precious gifts. Arriving at the house of Jagannath Mishra, she beheld the glorious son of her dear friend and was amazed to see the exquisite beauty of the child. She thought to herself that indeed the child looked just like Yashodanandan Krishna with the complexion being the only difference. Her heart brimming with bliss, she touched various auspicious items to the head and various other limbs of the child and prayed for his long life. She then named the child Nimai as he was born under a neem tree and to ward off any inauspiciousness. After gazing at the child with loving affection for a long time, she offered respects and gifts to Sachi devi and Jagannath Mishraas well and was pleased to receive their loving welcome. Thereafter she would regularly visit Sachi devi, giving her instructions on how to take care of baby Nimai and assisting her in doing that as well. After Sachinandan took Sanyas, Srimati Sita Thakurani stayed with Sachi devi for a few days to console her, understanding well the intense grief that she was feeling due to being separated from her son, who was the very life and soul of them both. She also prepared prasad for Chaitanya Mahaprabhu when he came to Shantipur after his Sanyas. Also on numerous other occasions, both before and after the Sanyas of Gaurahari, she fed him with great love and affection, considering him to be dearer than her very own life. Sri Gaura Sundar also respected her and loved her just as his own mother Srimati Sachi devi.

On the auspicious occasion of her appearance day, we pray to the most compassionate and motherly Srimati Sita Thakurani to mercifully bestow her blessings and affection upon us all, so that we may be able to attain unflinching love for her dear Nimai.

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