Sudarshan Chakra installation

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The Yuga dharma for this age of Kali, as preached and propagated by Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appeared in this age of quarrel for the benefit of mankind, is the performance of the Harinaam Sankirtan Yajna, the topmost Yajna of chanting of the Holy names of the Lord, which are non-different from the Lord himself, are invested with all transcendental potencies and deliver the fallen conditioned souls from the clutches of the material nature. However, along with the chanting of the Holy names, which are of utmost importance for progress in spiritual life, the performance of certain purificatory rites, known as Sanskaras, are also of great importance, as they create positive and sattwik impressions on the minds of the living entities, thus proving to be helpful in the process of Bhakti. These Sanskaras and Yajnas are elaborately explained by Shrila Gopal Bhatta Goswami, one of the six gosvamis and a prominent follower of Mahaprabhu, in his book named Satkriya sar deepika.

Being conscious about the importance of these Sanskaras, the authorities of Shri Krishna Balaram temple, Shridham Vrindavan, have built a beautiful Yajna shala next to the Goshala, where the devotees can have various Sanskaras performed. Surrounded by the mowing of cows and situated next to the deities’ garden, the spiritual ambience of the Yajna shala leaves inspirational transcendental impressions on the minds of the devotees coming there. The Head pujari of the temple, H.G. Mukunda datta prabhu, who is an expert performer of various fire sacrifices, and who very efficiently saw to the proper development of the Yajna shala, also conducts timely seminars on deity worship and Yajnas in the Yajna shala. In the near future, the worship of deities shall also begin here, so that they may preside over the Yajnas being performed, and so the students of Deity worship courses may be able to learn by practical demonstration, the proper system of Deity worship. In this way, the Yajna shala is going to not only be used for the performance of Yajnas, but also as a place for spiritual education and worship, thus making it a temple.

On the auspicious day of Shukla ashtami in the month of Chaitra, as a part of the Ramnavami festival, a beautiful fire sacrifice was performed for the installation of Chakra on top of the Yajna shala. In the presence of the many assembled Vaishnavas, including the temple president H.G. Panch gauda prabhu, his wife H.G. Gaur purnima mataji, H.G. Gopal prabhu(ACBSP), H.G. Mukunda datta prabhu(ACBSP), H.H. Janardhan maharaj, and others, the auspicious installation ceremony took place, which started with a worship given to Guru, Gauranga, Krishna and the Chakra with various articles of worship like flowers, sandalwood paste, incense, ghee lamp and bhoga offerings. Thereafter, the fire sacrifice was performed, which sanctified the entire atmosphere around there and gave delight to the hearts of all the Vaishnavas present there. After offering oblations into the fire, under the instructions of the Head pujari Mukunda datta prabhu, the Pran pratishta of the Chakra was performed wherein the spikes of the chakra were touched with flowers and sandalwood paste and the personality of the chakra was invited to enter, which was followed by an elaborate Abhishek  with Kirtan. After installation, the chakra was fixed on top of the Yajna shala, while the devotees looked on with great pleasure, which was followed by a feast for all the assembled vaishnavas, thus concluding the auspicious ceremony of Chakra installation.