Surya Puja

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Sunday is the day of the week which is dedicated to the Sun God, who is the enlightening one (Bhaskar), the friend of all (Mitra), the nourisher (Pushan), and the guide to all mankind (Surya). He is well known by many names out of which twelve are prominent and he is worshiped by great personalities. For the Vaishnavas also he is highly worshipable, as he is the one whom Sri Vrindavaneshwari Radhika, the shelter of all the devotees, worships every Sunday at Surya Kund. Vrishabhanunandini along with all her dear sakhis, who are endowed with all auspicious qualities and are the top most dear associates of Shyamsundar, go to Surya Kund with baskets full of flowers, various bhoga offerings and other paraphernalia to worship the Sun god and receive his blessings. Knowing well that the gopis would be performing Surya puja, Krishna along with his brahmana freind Madhumangal, who is always eager to eat various sweet preparations, go to the temple where the Gopis assemble, disguising themselves as learned brahmanas, expert at performing pujas in accordance to the vedic injunctions. Jatila, under whose instructions Srimati Radhika performs the Surya puja, seeing the two effulgent brahmanas, asked them to perform the Surya puja on behalf of her daughter-in-law. Chanting mantras which in truth glorified Krishna, Madhumangal, disguised as one of the brahmanas, led the performance of the puja, after which Jatila instructed Radhika to give some ornaments as a remuneration to the brahmanas. Krishna however refused to take the ornaments and rather they requested for some sweets as the dakshina. Seeing the simple nature and meagre dakshina requested by the brahmanas, Jatila was very pleased and she asked them to perform the puja for Srimati Radhika every Sunday, after which, on the pretext of Surya Puja, Radha Shyamsundar would get the opportunity to perform pastimes at Surya Kund without the fear of the interference of the elders. In this way, Rasik Shekhar Sri Shyamsundar performs numerous transcendental pastimes with the daughter-in-law of Jatila, Srimati Radhika, in the different pastime places of Sri Vrindavan dham.