The arena of the Rasa dance

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At the banks of the gently flowing Yamuna,

in whose waters numerous swans swim

and lotuses blossom, spreading their fragrance;

the arena of the Rasa dance is splendidly present


A gentle breeze blows from the Malaya mountains

carrying with it the sweet scent of sandalwood

the cooling spring moon casts gentle beams of moonlight

Lighting up the splendid arena of the Rasa dance


The beautiful trees and creepers are in full bloom

hanging low with the weight of their flowers and fruits

the parrots and other birds chirp melodiously in the branches

Filling the arena of the Rasa dance with their joyous calls


Standing in the magnificently beautiful forest of  Vraja

Shyamsundar  plays a melodious tune on his fortunate flute

thus attracting the hearts of the young cowherd maidens

calling them to the splendid arena of  the Rasa dance


Initiating the festival, he starts dancing in their midst

Keeping his dear-most beloved Radhika to his left

The sitars, flutes, mridangas and kartals provide the music

as Rasraja begins enjoying himself in the arena of the Rasa dance