The beloved of Radha

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All glories to the son of Maharaj Nanda
The enchanter of the hearts of all the Gopis
Personification of Cupid, the most attractive youth 
Who is attracted by Srimati Radhika with great ease 

Shaking the patience of the young Vraja maidens 
with his crooked smile and mischievous lotus eyes 
yet when the daughter of Vrishabhanu walks past him 
he gets restless and intense desires in his heart rise 

Taking a vow to attain the mercy of the goddess
hoping to be blessed with her sweet association
Sri Krishna bathes daily with great faith in her Kund 
chants the names of Radhika, praying for her benediction 

I offer respects to that Sri Shyamsundar, the beloved of Radha 
who gives her great pleasure with his various services 
who satisfies her with wonderful pastimes in Sri Vrindavan 
And who considers her to be dearer than his very own life