The birth of the Golden Avatar

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In response to the heartfelt prayers and calling out of  Srila Adwaita Acharya, Sri Krishna descended on this earthly planet in the from of Gaurahari. On the auspicious purnima tithi in the month of Phalugan during a lunar eclipse, when all the residents of Nadia were chanting the holy names of the Lord and bathing in the holy waters of the sacred Ganges to mitigate the effects of the eclipse, the most fortunate Sacimata, who is none other than Srimati Yashoda devi in Krishna lila, gave birth to an illustrious golden boy, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the source of all the incarnations. Appearing in the household of Jagannath Mishra, the best of the Brahmanas, he inundated the whole of Nadia in an ocean of bliss.

Hearing the news of the birth of Sachi’s son, all the village women, beautifully dressed in exquisite sarees and adorning themselves with various ornaments, came there to shower their affection and blessings upon the mother and the new born baby, who is himself the bestower of all blessings and benediction. Beholding the gorgeous face of Sachinandan, all the women felt ecstatic at heart and drank the nectar of his beauty with their eyes. His soft limbs were the hue of champaka flowers and soft as freshly churned butter. After gifting Sachi and her son with various auspicious items, all the village women sang and danced happily to celebrate the occasion. Just then, the most worshipable Sita Thakurani, the wife of the Adwaita Acharya, arrived there, bringing with her various gift items for Sachi and her beloved son. She bestowed her blessings and affection upon the mother and child and felt great jubilation in her heart upon beholding Sachinandan.

Since Sachimata and Jagannath Mishra had previously lost many children just after birth, all the village women suggested to name the baby ‘Nimai’ to ward off any ill-fortune. Also, Sachimata gave birth to the child under a neem tree, therefore also the name was appropriate. When Sita thakurani then named the son of Sachi as Nimai, all the women chanted ‘Jai!Jai!’ and ululated to celebrate the occassion.

Thus, the deliverer of the conditioned souls in this age of Kali and the father of Harinaam Sankirtan had taken birth in Mayapur. May the beautiful baby Nimai appear in our hearts and drown us in an ocean of love and bliss.