The Bliss of Service

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Everyone wants to be happy. This is a universal truth, and all endeavors are directly or indirectly related to this one goal in accordance with an individual’s idea of what true happiness is. People work hard, earn money, maintain families and relations, all with the hope to derive some happiness out of these things. Yet happiness evades us all and instead, it is troubles and distress that are the only true outcome of all of our material endeavors. The mirage of happiness that is present in the material world merely keeps the entrapped living entities bewildered and distracted from true bliss. 

What, then, is true happiness all about? And how is one supposed to experience and relish true bliss? The only source of true bliss is service to the lotus feet of the divine couple Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara. Whether performed in the transcendental world or in this material world, it is service alone that can satisfy the hankerings of the soul, for service to Krsna is the true, intrinsic nature of each and every living entity. Only when one is fully situated in one’s constitutional position as a servant of Krsna, jivera svarupa haya krsnera nitya dasa, can one be fully satisfied. Indeed, the only difference between the material and spiritual realm is that those living entities who are transcendentally situated are always inclined towards serving the Lord, krsna-unmukha, and those who are suffering the pangs of material miseries are averse to the service of the Lord, krsna-bahirmukha. Even while being in this material realm, the pure devotee of the Lord is eternally liberated and blissful, due to his being internally absorbed in the Lord’s service and in the remembrance of the Lord’s pastimes. 

Therefore, it is advisable for everyone who wants to be blissful, to engage in service to the source of all bliss, Sri Krsna. The process of rendering service is perfect and sublime. The method is the same as the goal. The only difference is in the maturity of the service. Service rendered in the conditioned state of existence is like an unripe mango, whereas service rendered with pure love and devotion is a fully ripe, sweet and relishable mango. And the rendering of continued service with great faith and enthusiasm is the only means to ripen our love and devotion and eventually lead us to relishing the fully ripened fruit of loving service. 

Knowing well the remedy to our diseased situation, our spiritual masters and our entire Guru Parampara, encourage us to render service to Sri Krsna and His dear devotees. Such service alone will melt our stone like hearts and fill us with pure love. We are taught to serve by chanting, listening, worshiping the deity form of the Lord, feeding prasada to Vaisnavas and the various other limbs of devotional service, which ultimately instill within our hearts a wonderful service attitude. That service attitude in which there is no desire for personal satisfaction and enjoyment but only and only the desire to please and satisfy the senses of the supremely worshipable deity, Sri Krishna and his devotees. 

In the conditioned state of existence, even while performing service, the neophyte sadhaka has a desire to acquire some recognition as a very expert servant and be honored and respected for his services. This however is not pure service but rather just a semblance of it.Such service needs to be purified before it can actually cause a transformation of heart and instill love of Godhead. Yet, even such service is of great value, as by continuously performing service, the heart will be gradually cleansed of all ulterior motives and the satisfaction of the Lord will be established as the only goal of the service. 

Therefore, all the devotees, taking advantage of each and every service opportunity, engage whole heartedly with great enthusiasm in the various services of the Lord like cooking, making garlands, decorating the altar, performing cultural events for the pleasure of the Lord and many other such services. Specially during festival times, everyone comes forward to perform extra service and thus become extra blissful in the service of the Lord. Right now also, with Jhulan Yatra, Balaram Purnima, Janmastami and Prabhupada appearance day being celebrated, all the devotees are very enthusiastic and are performing a variety of different services for the pleasure of the Lord. Despite the efforts, they all experience a very wonderful bliss which is never to be felt in this material world. We therefore pray to the Lord to always keep us engaged in his loving service and the service of his dear devotees.