The Brahmana’s Dream

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Once a simple and good hearted devotee brahmana happily lived with his family in a small house in a village, worshiping Krsna every day. Every single night, that brahmana had an amazing dream, in which he saw two pairs of footprints on a path. One pair of footprints were his own and the other pair were Krsna’s. Due to this dream, every morning he would wake up rapt in thoughts of Sri Krsna and feeling that he was never alone in life. Krsna was always with him. Those two footprints would always be there. With great faith in Krsna, he worshiped his deities and chanted Hare Krsna. In this way, he lived happily with his family in the village.

As destiny had it, one day, he lost everything he possessed. He became poverty stricken and no one wanted to help him. He lost his house, and all his family members also left him. He began to lose all hope.  That night, as he slept, he had the same dream he had always had. But that night he saw only one pair of footprints; the other pair was missing. 

Awaking from the dream, he started crying profusely, thinking that in this difficult time, even Krsna had left him alone. He was completely heartbroken and felt devoid of shelter. Prayerfully, he remembered Krsna and  asked Him why He had left him alone. Feeling destitute, he fell asleep after some time. Again he had the same dream in which he saw only one pair of footprints. But this time, he noticed that the one pair of footprints were not his but Krsna’s. 

 “My dear brahmana,” Krsna said, “I never leave My devotees. I am always with them. You were so sad that you yourself lost all hope. At that point, I I lifted you in My arms. I always take care of My devotees.” 

When the brahmana woke up the next morning, he danced and sang in great bliss. His faith had become extremely strong. He now knew for sure and certain that Krsna never leaves His devotees. From that day onwards, he remained perpetually immersed in chanting Krsna’s names and remembering Him. Throughout his life, he never became sad again, because he knew that Krsna is always there with His devotees.

We too should have full faith in the Lord. Sri Krsna is the best well-wisher and friend of every living entity, but He is especially affectionate toward His devotees. Krsna arranges experiences for His surrendered and surrendering devotees for their eternal benefit. Seemingly adverse situations are meant to strengthen our faith in the Lord and bring us closer to Him. A devotee who thus knows Krsna to be his true maintainer and protector has nothing to lament. In the association of other Vaisnavas, He remains blissfully engaged in chanting the holy names of the Lord and remembering His wonderful pastimes.