The butter thief

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“Maiya!!Maiya!! Someone let the calf loose, and she is drinking all the milk of the cows.”, ” What!! Oh God! I better go and catch her before she drinks all the milk and we have nothing left for making butter and yogurt.” Saying thus, the Gopi ran out of the house to catch the loose calf.

Seeing her go out in haste, the cowherd boy beckoned for Krishna and the other cowherd boys to enter the house. Their plan for distracting the Gopi and making her leave the house having been successful, they all silently entered the house with big grins on their faces, barely managing to control their laughter and bliss on having fooled the Gopi. Expert thieves as they are, without making the slightest bit of noise they started looking for the hidden stock of soft, delicious, mouth-watering butter and yogurt in all the corners of the house, yet they found nothing but disappointment in all the pots that they uncovered and looked into. However, the divine fragrance permeating the house gave away the fact there had to be some freshly-churned butter somewhere around, but knowing well the mischievous son of Nanda and his friends, the Gopi had cleverly hidden it so that the boys would not be able to find it.  Just as they were about to give up, one of the boys spotted the pots hanging from the ceiling and excitedly pointed them out to the rest of the Cowherd boys. With common consent, two boys bent down and formed a platform for Krishna to climb up and bring the butter down. Climbing up and maintaining his balance with the help of some other friends, Krishna brought down a few pots of the delicious butter, and the cowherd boys started relishing it with great delight, putting handfuls of butter in their mouths and in the mouths of their friends. The butter, mixed with the love of the Gopi who had churned it with the hope that Krishna would come and taste it, was melting in the mouth of the cowherd boys. Understanding the desire of the Gopi, who had milked the cow with her own hands, boiled it, made yogurt with it and churned it with great enthusiasm while constantly remembering the pastimes of Krishna and singing his glories, Krishna had come with his cowherd boys and was eating the butter to his full satisfaction. 

Just then the Gopi entered the house, and, seeing the mischief of Krishna and his friends and the mess they had made,  although blissful at heart, she feigned anger and ran at them, grabbing a stick that was lying nearby. Realising that their theft had been discovered and that she was going to catch them red-handed, the cowherd friends ran hither and thither, barely escaping her grasp. Slipping on the butter that they had dropped on the floor while being absorbed in eating, some of the cowherd boys were almost caught, but managed to get out of the house just in time. Calling out from behind that she would go and complain to mother Yashoda, the Gopi followed them for some time but ultimately returned home, while the cowherd boys laughed and joked about the adventure and licked their lips in great satisfaction.