The Cause of all distress

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In the Srimad Bhagwatam and through out the vedic literatures, the importance of cow protection has been stressed upon on numerous occasions. Srila Prabhupad, in his purports on the Chapters concerning the arrival of Kali yuga, has elaborated upon the verses stating the importance of the Cows.

In these chapters one comes across of the story of how, seeing the personification of Kali mercilessly beating Dharma in the form of a Bull and causing distress to mother earth in the form of a cow, Maharaj Parikshit was eager to immediately kill the miscreant, for any violence or mistreatment of the Holy Cows and Bulls was completely unheard of and a terrible sin. There in the purports, Srila Prabhupad states that the cause of all distress in this world is the mistreatment and slaughter of the Cows and Bulls, and the disregard for bhrahminical culture. Just like the humans are created after the personal form of the Lord, similarly the cows are created after the form of the transcendental Surabhi cows, whom Sri Krishna himself takes care of in Goloka Vrindavan. These glorious cows are so blessed and auspicious that even their stool and urine is highly beneficial for all and is used in religious yajnas and for medical purposes as well. These cows provide humankind with the most nutritious form of food, their milk, which provides the required nutritious elements for the development of the finer tissues in the Brain, without which one cannot have the sufficient intelligence to enquire about the real purpose of life and engage in the service of the Lord. Although it is the duty of the administrators to give protection to all the citizens of the state, not just the humans but also all the animals, as they are also equally a part of the country and deserve to be provided with safety and a right to live, yet the cows are to be given special care and respect. It is due to lack of this care and respect, which is not given to the cows in today’s day and time, indeed the cows are slaughtered in state organised and approved slaughterhouses, due to which the world is in a terrible situation now. What happiness can one indeed expect to get while performing such heinous sins? There is no possibility of world peace and prosperity as long as the Cows are not given respect. The happiness of the cows translates into happiness for all other forms of life and the distress of the cows spells nothing but miseries for the rest. The Supreme Lord has been addressed in the Vedas as ‘go-brahmana hitaya cha’, the friend and benefactor of the cows and brahmanas. He personally, with his own hands, caresses and tends to the needs of the cows, and is famous as a cowherd boy. How then can he tolerate such offences committed against the cows? In such a situation it is but inevitable that the world suffers due to the sins of such sinful and godless people. And this can very practically be seen in the world today. Therefore, those who desire peace and prosperity and those who desire happiness in this life and the next, must certainly give all protection to the cows and try to please them by feeding them abundantly and giving them a lot of respect and love. Only then, when the cows are happy, can the human society live peacefully.