The current covid situation in ISKCON Vrindavan

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As in the rest of the world, we at ISKCON Vrindavan are also experiencing a sort of second wave of covid. After the recovery of the devotees who had been infected initially, and the temple opening up again for the restricted darshans in the mornings and evenings, a few devotees, including the temple president and others in the management, started showing symptoms and were tested positive with corona virus. To the dismay of these devotees, they had to remain quarantined for two weeks and missed a major part of the Kartik festivities. The Iskcon Vrindavan Sanctuary guesthouse and Prabhupad kutir which were utilized as quarantine facility, where the devotees were also given medical assistance during the first wave, is getting new guests and is once again being used for this purpose. However, we are pleased to inform everyone that by Krishna’s mercy all the devotees who had contracted the virus are doing well, with many of them having already recovered. Some of the devotees had to face the discomfort of being sick due to the virus but none was majorly ill and no hospitalization was required.

H.G. Panchagauda prabhu, having overcome the unpleasant experience of being sick with the virus, is back with full enthusiasm and is managing the temple with great efficiency. Many others have also recovered and are recovering right now as well. In order to ensure the safety of all the other devotees and visitors, everyone is required to wear masks in the temple and maintain social distancing, in an attempt to stop the further spread of the disease. Meanwhile, the festivals during Kartik are being celebrated with full enthusiasm by all the devotees, and constant prayers of the devotees for the well being of the vaishnavas being affected by the Virus are helping the devotees to recover fast and join back in the festivities and programs of the temple.

As devotees of the Lord, we must all have full faith in Sri Krishna. When not even a single leaf can move without the sanction of the Lord, how can a disease harm any vaishnava. Devotees are undoubtedly also getting affected by this virus, but the spirit in which they deal with the situation is very much unlike the materialists, for they take this as an opportunity to surrender unto the will of the Lord and they have full faith that they shall be saved. And if any illness or even death is to come, then it is sanctioned by the Lord and is for the ultimate good of the person. This however should not encourage reckless behavior and therefore the golden middle way is to be followed, with proper precaution from our end and leaving the result of the situation in the hands of the Lord. Keeping this understanding and faith in our hearts we should go on with our performance of service for the pleasure of Sri Krishna.

We pray to the Lord and request everyone else to also pray for the quick recovery of all those who are still affected by the virus and for the good health and safety of all those who have not been affected. May Sri Krishna keep us under the protection of his lotus feet and engage us all in his loving service.