The enchantress of Shyam

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It is beyond the capacity of anyone to adequately glorify her, in the ocean of whose splendid transcendental qualities, beauty and love, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Shyamsundar himself is eternal submerged. Lord Shiva, Brahma, Narad, Ananta, Shukadev and all other great personalities eternally glorify her and yet find no end to her transcendental glories. Sri Krishna himself bathes thrice daily in the holy waters of her dear kund, the topmost place in the entire universe, and chants her holy names in meditation to attain her favour. She is Vrishabhanunandini Srimati Radhika, the life and soul of Sri Shyamsundar, who himself is the the life and soul of the entire spiritual and material universes.

She is the complete Shakti of Sri Krishna known by the names Swaroop Shakti, Para Shakti and many others, and is the fountainhead of all Sri Krishna’s various Shaktis, who are all just an expansion of hers. It is her who manifests the innumerable spiritual Vaikuntha planets in which the Lord performs blissful pastimes with his eternal associates. In her expansion as Yogamaya, She facilitates all of the Lord’s pastimes and it is under her jurisdiction that all the devotees serve the Lord. Mahamaya, the presiding deity of these mundane perishable universes is also an expansion of hers. Indeed all of Sri Krishna’s Shaktis are expansions of Srimati Radhika, who serve the Lord in accordance with his various desires.

Being the embodiment of Hladini, or the bliss potency of the Lord, She is the one in whom all of Gopinath’s desires find their ultimate satisfaction. What more can be said? The self satisfied Lord Keshava hankers for the association of this most exalted Cowherd Girl of Vraja, the very fragrance of whose limbs makes Rasikraaj tremble in ecstasy. The bee of Shyam’s mind gets captured in the locks of her black hair, the arrows of her sidelong glances when released from the bow of her arched eyebrows pierces the heart of Gopijanavallabh and the nectar of her bimba red lips is the only nectar that can truly satisfy the thirst of the greatest taster of Rasa, Rasikshekhar Shyam.

May Srimati Radhika, the enchantress of Sri Krishna, appoint us as one of her very dear maidservant, and grant us with various services to the lotus feet of the youthful divine couple of Vrindavan.