The exalted position of Sri Vrindavan dham

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Although, being the supreme personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, in his various Vishnu, Narayan, and other incarnations, receives the devotion and adoration of all his numerous devotees, who serve him with utmost reverence in aishwarya bhava, knowing him to be the Supreme Lord, yet he does not feel satisfied and longs for the love of his dear associates in Sri Vrindavan dham. Even after having the most opulent residences, he relishes going and playing in the forests of vraja, where the trees and creepers are all overflowing with transcendental love for Sri Krishna, and offer their flowers and fruits for his satisfaction upon seeing him. Disregarding his precious ornaments, he dons a vaijayanti garland made of forest flowers. Although being the proprietor of all that exists in the entire universe, he steals butter from the houses of the gopis of vraja. Even though he is bowed down to by all the sages, he accepts defeat at the hands of the cowherd boys of vraja while wrestling with them. Despite being served by millions of servants; he personally milks his cows and takes them to the pasturing grounds for grazing the fresh grass of Vrindavan. In spite of innumerable goddesses of fortune being his consorts, his mind is stolen by the side-long glances of the simple cowherd maidens of vraja headed by Srimati Radhika. And he feels greater pleasure in hearing the sarcastic words of the gopis such as lilta devi than by hearing the vedic hymns chanted by the yogis in his glorification. The residents of Vraja are undoubtedly the most exalted devotees of the Lord, for it is their association for which Shyamsundar himself hankers. These residents of Vraja are oblivious to Krishna being the Supreme Lord, being covered by the potency of Yogamaya, and rather think Krishna to be their very dear master, friend, son or beloved. They love him as their very life and soul and this affection of their, which is completely submerged in madhurya and not having any aishwaya in it, is the dearest to Vrajendranandan Sri Krishna.