The flowers of Vraja

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Vrindavan is the eternal abode of Sri Shyamsundar, the Supreme Personality of Godhead and therefore the most opulent, even among the Vaikuntha planets. In the land of Vraja, the trees, creepers, cows and all the other residents are wish fulfilling personalities, the ghats(river banks) of Yamuna are all made up of the most precious stones, the caves of Giriraj govardhan are full of minerals and the very ground of this most wonderous place is made of priceless jems and jewels. Despite being the most opulent of all realms, the true glory of Sridham Vrindavan is in the flowers that grow in the kunjas here. For the pleasure of Govinda, the entire forest of Vraja blossoms with the most sweet smelling and colorful flowers., around which the intoxicated bees hover with maddened delight.

Although he lives in the exquisitely beautiful palace of Sri Nanda Maharaj, the King of Vraja, Sri Krishna goes daily to the forests of Vraja with his dear cowherd boy friends, just to relish the natural beauty of his own wonderous abode and to perform enchanting pastimes with his various associates. Leaving aside the jewelry that his mother adorns him with, Sri Krishna wears the flower ornaments that the cowherd boys or the Vraja gopis make for him. The sakhas or the sakhis collect a multitude of fragrant flowers from the forests and make the most intricately designed garlands and other ornaments for Madhava. Accepting their loving service, Sri Krishna wears these flower garlands with great pleasure, and, desiring to serve his associates, he himself makes various garlands for his friends and the Vraja ramanis. Following the same mood, the deities in Iskcon Vrindavan are adorned with gorgeous flower garlands, flower bracelets, flower anklets and other flower ornaments, and are always abundantly decorated with many other flowers in their hair, hands and around their lotus feet. It is these flowers that bring out the madhurya in Vrindavan and suppress the aishwarya, thus making the pastimes performed here most relishable for Sri Shyamsundar.