The fury of Nimai

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One day small Nimai, the darling son of mother Sachi, came home and asked his mother to give him some chandan, incense and a flower garland so that he could go and perform puja of Ganga devi. Hearing her dear boy ask for paraphernalia to perform Ganga Puja, Srimati Sachidevi told him to wait for a few minutes while she gets the flower garland. Hearing his mother telling him to wait, the Lord of the entire universe Sri Vishwambhar became as angry as Lord Rudra. Being the origin of Lord Shiva himself, he displayed such great fury that he started throwing everything to the ground. Whatever came within his vision, pots full of rice, spices, pulses, milk, yoghurt, oil, ghee and all other household ingredients, he threw everything on the ground. Seeing nothing left and his anger not yet pacified, he started breaking the doors and windows of the house. Hearing the commotion, all the neighbors gathered but none dared to stop Nimai. Seeing the unexpected and unprecedented anger of her son, mother Sachi became fearful and quietly sat in a corner, not attempting to stop him. The Lord, being the very embodiment of all religious duties, did not harm his mother at all, but destroyed everything else at home.

His anger finally abating, he lay down on the ground outside the house and went to sleep on the bare ground. Having the Lord, who rests upon Ananta shesha, sleep on her, mother earth felt greatly blessed and blissful. After some time, when the Lord awoke, mother Sachi gave him the paraphernalia for the worship and Lord Vishwambhar went to the Ganges, performed puja and took bath in the blessed waters of Ganga devi. In the meanwhile mother Sachi cleaned the entire house and prepared prasad for the Lord. After feeding her dear son, mother Sachi said to Nimai, ” My dear Nimai, what good did you achieve by destroying everything in your own house. After the passing away of your father, this is now your house and you have to take care of it. It is your lose not mine if you destroy things at home. Now tell me what will I cook tomorrow, because you have broken everything and we have no more ingredients at home.” Nimai silently heard his mother and then went to sleep.

The next day Vishwambhar, the maintainer of the entire creation, brought some gold and gave it to his mother saying that she should purchase whatever was needed at home by giving this gold in exchange. Mother Sachi was amazed at where her son had gotten the Gold from, but taking it as the arrangement of the Supreme Lord, she went and procured all the items required at home.

In this way Sri Sachinandan performed various wonderful pastimes during his childhood in Mayapur. This beautiful pastime can be found in Sri Chaitanya Bhagwat written by Srila Vrindavan das Thakur.