The glories of the foot dust of the Vraja Gopis

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When will the day be mine, when I shall be able to place the dust of the lotus feet of the Vraja sakhis upon my head and make my life successful. The same dust that Sri Krishna’s dear associate Uddhav wanted to have smeared all over his body by desiring to take birth as a shrub on the forest path of Vraja, where the Gopis pass by. Seeing the insurmountable mountain of love that the damsels of Vraja had for Shyamsundar, which put to shame his waste ocean of knowledge, the same knowledge that he had thought of giving to the Gopis in order to eradicate their separation from Krishna, but rather, he himself was begging to be admitted in their school of Love. Having failed to even gain admission into the school of prema of the Gopis, he simply desired to attain their foot dust and thus make his life successful. The very same dust was smeared on the forehead of Sri Shyamsundar, when he performed the pastime of having a headache while residing in Dwarka, a pastime that he performed solely to establish the Vraja Gopis as his most exalted devotees. Knowing Sri Krishna to be the Supreme Lord, all of his devotees had refused to give the dust of their feet, fearing to commit a great sin, except for the Vraja Gopis, who did not care one bit to suffer in hell for eternity if they could just bring a moments relief to their beloved from the headache and therefore immediately scooped up loads of their foot dust and gave it to Narad Muni, who was entrusted with the service of collecting it. The foot dust of the same Vraja Gopis, whose debt of love Sri Krishna himslef admits to be unable to pay off. Those very cowherd maidens of Vraja, who left behind all their familial ties to be able to come and serve Krishna. The glories of these beloveds of Gopinath and their transcendental foot dust are unlimited and full of sweetness. Humbly bowing down to them and placing their divine lotus feet, beautifully decorated with red lac and more fragrant than the forest flowers, in the core of our hearts, we pray that some day we may be blessed with direct service to them and to the divine couple under their expert guidance.