The greatest good one can do for oneself

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The meaning of surrender at the lotus feet of the Lord is to completely depend upon his mercy, and not have any misconceptions about being in charge of anything. Being conditioned by the illusory energy of the Lord, we think that we are the doers and are capable of achieving our goals by our own endeavour. However, this is a big misconception, as not even a leaf moves without the permission of the Lord. Even in the lives of the materialistic people, they are only able to do anything when it is sanctioned by the Lord. The Lord, being present in everyone’s heart as Paramatma and the witness to all one’s actions, kindly allows the living entities to use their minute independence in the way that they want and thus suffer the reactions of their actions. However, this also only happens with the permission of the Lord. When one understands that we are not the doer and, giving up this conception of being the doer, completely surrenders to the Lord and acts according to his will, the person is then freed from the reactions of whatever is performed under the direction of the Lord. When one is thus dependent on the Lord, all the problems of life automatically cease to exist, as one is attached to the actions, reactions and results of the work only because of the conception of being the doer, but when one simply carried out one’s duty in accordance with the desires of the Lord, one can remain aloof. Just like when a servant carries out the orders of the master, he is not concerned about whether the outcome of such actions will result in profit or loss, for that is the concern of the master, the servant is simply responsible for carrying out the orders of the Master. Similarly, when one gives up the ego of being the doer and simply follows the orders of the Lord, he is no longer concerned about the outcome, for that shall be taken care of by the Lord. The Lord has given this human form of life to us to cultivate spiritual realisation, and as long as we are steadily endeavouring on the path of self realisation, Krishna himself will take care of all our other needs, just like a master looks after a sincere servant. There is no need for us to work so hard for sustenance, for that shall be automatically taken care of by the Lord for one who is completely surrendered and utilises every single moment of life in the cultivation of Bhakti. Therefore, we should give up all concerns about the body, as it is the property of the Lord, merely lent to us to perform bhakti, and therefore the Lord will himself take care of this body which he has provided us with. All that is required is complete surrender and complete utilisation of our time and energy in the unalloyed devotional service of the Lord, without any selfish motives and without any desires for sense gratification. The proper use of this golden opportunity bestowed upon us in the form of a human birth, which is conducive for cultivation of Bhakti, is the greatest good that one can do for oneself.