The hearts’s yearnings

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When will the hair on my body stand up in ecstasy

When will torrents of tears surge forth from my eyes

When will my heart melt upon hearing your names

When will my voice chock up upon saying Gopinath


When will I roll in the dust of Vraja, the best ornament for a sadhaka

When will I subsist on the prasad begged from the houses of the Vrajavasis

When will I take shelter of the trees of Vraja, residing happily under their shade

When will I drink the charanamrita of the Vaishnavas and thus achieve pure love


When will I behold the lotus like faces of the divine couple Sri Radha Shyamsundar

When will I attain residence in the grooves of Vrindavan where they perform pastimes

When will I be appointed as one of the maidservants Vrindavaneshwari Srimati Radhika

When will I serve her under the expert direction and supervision of Srimati Rupa manjari


When will I receive the affectionate merciful glances of Rupa manjari, my object of worhip

When will I be chastised and corrected by her while being trained in the service to the divine couple

When will I assist in arranging for the meeting of the divine moonsoon cloud and lightening of Vraja

When will I drown in an ocean of transcendental bliss upon beholding their wondrous pastimes