The helmsman

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We would have been lost if not for him 
who, with the light of transcendental knowledge,
dispelled the dense darkness of ignorance 
where we would have continued to suffer 
for eternity, doomed by our own misfortune

He took the trouble to cross over oceans 
tolerating the adverse conditions in an unknown land 
going through numerous tribulations 
Just to bestow mercy, taking pity upon our conditioning 
he gave the greatest treasure of his heart 

Delivering the unadulterated message of the Supreme 
on the instruction of his divine master 
he spread the mission of Sri Chaitnaya Mahaprabhu 
step by step he taught the path of bhakti 
patiently and tolerantly guiding all his followers 

The devotee of the Lord is as good as the Lord himself 
Indeed he is even greater than Krishna 
For he is the carrier of the Lord's mercy, friend of the fallen 
he reached down into depths of ignorance where we slumbered 
and pulled us out even though we resisted 

What more can be said about his mercy 
He is our only hope 
the helmsman of the boat to cross over 
the price is surrender at his lotus feet 
the destination our eternal blissful home