The Impossible

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A fish may survive on land 
A bird may learn how to live in water 
But one thing is ever impossible 
the jivas to belong to this world 

We may search for happiness 
in family, money and luxury 
but has one ever come across an ocean in the desert
what probability do we stand then 

A mango seed gives a mango tree only 
To expect anything else is foolishness 
What then can be said of one who 
expects happiness from the world of misery 

Let us go fly with our flock 
we have gone astray since time immemorial 
why to live a life full of tribulations 
when our constitutional position is that of bliss

take shelter of the lotus feet of Krishna 
a reservoir of unlimited bliss and sweetness 
great good fortune awaits you ahead 
take a step and unfold true satisfaction