The Lost Nose ring

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The glories of the Vaishnavas are unlimited and so are their transcendental pastimes; hearing, reciting and reading about which gives great inspiration, ecstacy and bliss to the faithful devotees who are always eager to taste the nectar of the pastimes of other vaishnavas. One such amazing pastime was performed by Srinivas acharya while he was residing in Sripat Jajigram with his wives Srimati and Ishvari. Once, when Srila Srinivas acharya sat down to chant his japa, he entered into a deep samadhi, which was not at all unusual, for he was a great
Vaishnava, always immersed in the pastimes of the divine couple. However, this time, unlike the times when he would go into samadhi for a few hours, he remained in trance for much longer. Hours passed by but he did not come to external consciousness. The day turned into night and eventually the rays of the rising sun spread throughout the sky and the chirping of the birds announced the coming of a new day and still Srinivas acharya was seated on his asana, deeply absorbed in the pastimes of the Lord, where he was busy serving Sri Radha Shyamsundar in his manjari swaroop. His wives, Srimati devi and Ishwari devi, were beginning to get a bit worried about the situation but they waited for some more time, hoping that he would come to external consciousness soon. But when, even after three days of having been in trance and not having eaten anything, he did not come out of his samadhi, out of anxiety, they called Sri Ramachandra Kaviraaj, the foremost of all the disciples of Srinivas acharya, and explained to him the situation. Reassuring them Ramachandra sat down next to his Gurudev and entered the lilas of Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar at the banks of Sri Radhakund. There, at the banks of Radhakund, he could hear the sweet sounds of Srimati Radhika, Shyamsundar and the other sakhis performing pastimes at a distance, while some sakhis were gathered at the banks of the Kund and seemed to be searching for something. In his manjari from as Sri Karuna manjari, Ramachandra Kaviraaj aproached the sakhis at the banks of Sri Radhakund and inquired about what had happened. The sakhis informed him that Srimati Radhika, during her jalakeli, water pastimes, with Shyam, had lost her favourite nose ring, and that Sri Mani manjari, the manjari swaroop Srinivas acharya, was searching for it. Just then he saw his spiritual master, Srinivas acharya, in the form of Mani manjari diving and resurfacing again and again in the waters of Radhakund in the search of the nose ring. He then immediately entered the waters of the Kund and started searching for the nose ring. Soon he found the nose ring and handed it over to his guru sakhi. Taking it from karuna manjari, Mani manjari handed the nose ring to Srimati Rupa manjari, who immediately took it to Srimati Radhika and placed it on her nose. She soon returned with chewed pan prasad which Srimati Radhika, being pleased with her, had sent for Mani manjari. After having accepted the prasad with great jubilation and giving some to his disciple, Srinivas acharya came back to external consciousness along with Ramachandra. Seeing them both come out of Samadhi, Srimati devi and Ishwari devi immediately arranged for their prasad and resting. Later onwards they inquired from Ramachandra about what had happened, and hearing the entire story they felt greatly mesmerised and blissful at heart. Remembering this sweet pastime, we pray at the lotus feet of Srinivas acharya and Ramachandra Kaviraaj to kindly bless us and, taking us by the hand, engage us in the service of the divine couple Radha Madhav at the banks of Sri Radhakund.