The Lotus feet of Sri Shyam

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All glories to the two most enchanting feet of Sri Shyamsundar. More beautiful and soft than freshly blossoming sapphire lotus flowers, they are the most treasured possession of the Vraja Gopis, who carefully carry them in the core of their hearts, considering them to be dearer than their very life breadth. Soles as radiant as the rising sun and having ten full moons as his toe nails, the lotus feet of Shyamsundar are the shelter of all the residents of Vraja. Intoxicated by the rich fragrance emanating from them, the bees madly hover about his feet, desiring to drink their nectar, while the dears lovingly lick them. In Sri Suka-sari-stava written by Srila Krishnadas Kaviraj Gosvami, he describes the lotus feet of Vrajendranandan as the divine triveni, where the white Ganges of his toenails, the red Sarasvati of his soles and the sapphire Yamuna of his feet meet and plunge the hearts of all the onlookers in an ocean of their sweetness. Such is their unparalleled softness, that the Vraja Gopis fear to even place them on their breasts thinking them to be too hard and fearing that they would cause discomfort to the feet of their dear most beloved Gopinath. Worshipped by Vraja Gopis, the Laxmis in Vaikuntha and all the devotees of the Lord, these lotus feet of the Lord are the only refuge for the living entities suffering in this material world. May the Lotus feet of Shyam, who are the reservoir of all transcendental sweetness, bestow their mercy upon us, so that we may be able to someday serve them under the guidance of the damsels of Vraja.