The mendicant

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Matted hair and ashes as his ornaments
Taking a begging bowl in his lotus hands
Lord Shiva has come as a mendicant
begging the darshan of Yashoda's dear lala

Calling out to Vrajeshwari Yashodamayi
he stands at the doorstep of Nandababa's house
looking at the appearance of the mendicant
Maiya refused to bring her dear boy out

Feeling heart broken he begged her to once
show the moon like face of her darling son
but she refused again saying the boy would
get scared by the austere looks of the sadhu

just then Kanhaiya started crying aloud
not to be pacified by anyone at all
Yashoda couldn't figure out the reason
for the sudden outburst of the apple of her eye

The mendicant again called out saying
let me take darshan of his beautiful face
I will go my way and not bother again
make my life successful just this once

She reluctantly agreed and brought out
her darling son, the joy of everyone's heart
Who at once stopped crying upon seeing
the mendicant Shiva with folded hands

Seeing the miracle Mother Yashoda requested
O Baba! stay near by and come whenever
my lala starts crying and pacify him
he likes you and is happy to see you here

Drowning in an ocean of bliss
Shiva made his residence nearby
he goes to take darshan of Nandanandan
to give him joy and make him not to cry