The mischievous Butter thief

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Once, the queen of Vraja, Nandarani Yashoda devi, told her small darling son, the most wonderful and adorable Krishna, to bring a calf from the cow shed and said that they would worship the calf. Following the instructions of his mother, Gopal made his way to the Goshala on his tiny little feet, making a sweet tinkling sound with the jewel studded anklebells that he was wearing, and brought a beautiful calf who was licking Kirshna and jumping around in bliss. When he came back and was waiting for his mother to come and do the puja, his eyes fell upon a big beautiful butter pot hanging from the ceiling. Becoming eager and greedy to taste the soft and delicious butter in the pot, his mouth start watering and, not being able to resist the desire to taste the freshly churned butter that had been stored in the pot, he started looking for something to climb upon, so that he could reach the butter. Not seeing anything suitable around, he saw the calf he was holding and decided to climb on the calf and reach the butter pot. Taking the calf there and carefully climbing upon the back of the calf, he caught hold of the pot and was just about to put his small delicate hands into the pot to take some butter and eat it, when the calf suddenly moved and ran from under Kanha’s lotus feet, leaving him hanging to the pot. Left dangling from the pot, the naughty little butter thieve, out of fear and not being able to get down on his own, started calling out to his mother for help. Upon hearing her son repeatedly calling her, Yashoda maiya came there and saw her mischievous boy hanging from the butter pot and calling her to help him get down. She quickly came and helped him down. Feigning anger, she asked him what he was doing up there hanging from the pot, to which Krishna just started making different excuses and ran away from there. Seeing the adorable pastimes of her little butter thief mother Yashoda started laughing and relishing the wonderful activities of her little son. All glories to the butter thief of Vraja, who steals the hearts and minds of all the elderly Sakhis in Gokul with his extremely sweet and enchanting pastimes.