The monsoon season

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As the hot summer comes to an end 
the rain clouds shower cooling water 
giving great pleasure to all the Vrajavasis
Who welcome the monsoon with great pleasure 

The lakes fill with fresh clear water 
upon which hundreds of lotuses bloom
the trees and creepers burst out with flowers 
of various colours like pink, white and maroon 

Trees in all the directions turn lush green 
the skies overhead dark blue with rainclouds
the sweet smell of wet mud permeates the air 
the peacocks, parrots, and chatakas call out loud 

Swans frolic amidst the abundant lotus stems
Beez buzz around blossoming bunches of blooms
Honey oozes out from the nectar laden bee hives 
which the cowherd Gopas and Gopis drink with relish 

The beauty of the forests of Vraja increases manifolds 
as the Lord enjoys his pastimes with his friends 
their merry laughter and songs of great pleasure
fill the forests of Vrindavan when the summer ends 

The young maidens of Vraja living in Javat
Return home to their parents from their husbands 
setting up swings for the pleasure of the divine couple 
they enjoy various pastimes in the grooves of Barsana