The most astonishing abode of Vrindavan

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The transcendental realm of Golok Vrindavan is where Brajendranandan Shyamsundar eternally resides along with his dear associates, who, although being completely acquainted with the knowledge of Krishna being the supreme Lord, think of him as their very dear friend or relative, more dear to them than their very life, being covered by the internal potency of Krishna Sri Yogamaya devi. In this supremely splendid spiritual abode, the land is strewn with chintamani jewels of variegated colors, the soft grasses in the pastures are lush green and the kalpavriksha trees are laden with flowers and fruits, the fragrance of which intoxicate the bees who buzz around the forests collecting the pollen from the flowers and making honey, which is used for making delicious honey drinks for Vrindavaneshwari Radhika and her beloved Gopinath. The sweet cooling waters of the lakes and rivers quench the thirst of the cows and other vrajvasis. The lotuses and lilies growing in these water reservoirs diffuse their sweet aroma in the air which is carried around by the gently flowing air, and mixing with musk emanating from the dears in the forests, the combined smell permeating the atmosphere in this holy abode is sweeter than anything conceivable by the human mind. The warbling of the swans and other water birds combine with songs of the cucooks, chakoras and other song birds to give delight to the ears of Shyamsundar and his associates. In this holy abode, the six seasons are simultaneously present serving the divine couple according to their desires. Indeed, to describe the glories and beauty of Sri Vrindavan dham is beyond the capability of even the most exalted personalities and therefore all that can be described is but a minute particle of the actual glories of this transcendental abode, where the fair and dark complexioned divine couple Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar eternally perform their astonishingly admirable amorous pastimes in the association of their most beloved gopis.