The name giving ceremony of the darling son of Jagannath Mishra

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After the birth of Nimai, Sachi mata’s father, Srila Nilambara Chakravarty, who was an accomplished astrologer, read the chart of Gaurahari. Seeing the auspicious positioning of the planets and understanding him to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he felt great jubilation within his heart and predicted him to be the deliverer and maintainer of the entire Universe. When the residents of Mayapur heard that Nimai would be a great scholar, learned in all the shastras, and would bestow good fortune upon everyone by spreading the chanting the holy names of the Lord, they expressed their jubilation by loudly chanting ‘Jai!Jai!’. Thereafter, performing the required ceremonies, Nilambar Chakravarty named the golden complexioned darling of Sachi Vishwambhar, the maintainer of the Universe. Hearing the beautiful name of the illustrious son of Jagannath Mishra, all the village women ululated and created a auspicious and joyous atmosphere with their singing and dancing. Thus the name giving ceremony of the Lord was performed by his maternal grandfather. Beholding the auspicious name giving ceremony of Niami, the joy of the residents of Nadia knew no bounds. When they would look upon the lotus face of Vishwambhar, more effulgent than millions of moons, all their anxieties would get destroyed and their hearts filled up with unprecedented bliss.

As the time went by, the darling of Sachi was growing. He would make sweet incomprehensible sounds hearing which the women would feel as if they are drinking nectar with their ears. His honey-sweet laughter, enchanting smile, lotus petal eyes and butter-soft limbs stole the hearts of one and all. Desiring to spread the chanting of the holy names right from his childhood, Nimai would cry in order to make the women sing the names of the Lord. Seeing him crying, they would immediately start clapping their hands and melodiously sing the names of the Krishna. As soon as they would stop, Vishwambhar would again start crying. Seeing him crying again, they would again start singing, but again when they would stop, he would start crying. Understanding what was happening, the friends of Sachi devi lovingly smiled at Nimai and continued singing the Names of the Lord for his satisfaction. In this was, from his very childhood, Vishwambhar was instructing everyone to chant the holy names of the Lord.