The object of Shyam’s meditation

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She shines as a flash of lightning

but her beauty isn’t temporary

Her complexion is like that of Gold

but her limbs are soft and flowery

Indeed, she is like a Champaka flower

Soft, fragrant, golden and  heavenly


She dons a red dress representing her love

beautiful, graceful, and with delicate embroidery

Her bodice is like the fresh monsoon clouds

reminding her of Shyam, who is extremely lovely

A beautiful veil covers her long dark tresses

which captures Krishna’s heart inevitably


A beautiful pearl necklace rests upon her breasts

a tinkling belt of bells decorates her waist gracefully

bangles and bracelets studded with precious jewels

encircle her perfectly wonderful arms and chime sweetly

Ankle bells encircle her two divine lotus feet

which Krishna himself decorates very carefully


Her bimba red lips are the reservoir of sweet nectar

which Shyamsundar drinks and feels satisfied totally

her eyes are like two khanjana birds, restlessly moving about

and her forehead is decorated with red kumkum and kasturi

Her lotus face is the embodiment of all beauty and sweetness

the object of Gopinath’s contemplation, on which he meditates deeply