The perfect husband

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The Supreme Personality of Godhead is the most complete and perfect in all respects, and therefore, when it comes to performing human like pastimes with his eternal associates, he reciprocates in the most natural and wonderful ways. However, the Lord, even though acting like an ordinary human being, is not to be mistaken to be one of us. The inconceivable pastimes of Krishna reflect his aishwarya bhava, his opulence, as the Supreme Lord, yet the devotees, being controlled by their intense love for him, treat him just as their very own friend, son, husband or lover.

While staying in Dwaraka, the Lord had 16,108 wives; 10 sons and 1 daughter from each of them; and numerous grandchildren. This is only possible for the Supreme Lord and no mundane person can maintain such an extensive family. Not only that, he was simultaneously present with each one of his wives in their individual palaces by expanding himself in 16,108 forms. Yet, the controller of the entire universe, was controlled by the love of his wives and was acting just like a submissive husband, fulfilling their desires and performing various loving pastimes. The same personality of Godhead, who is sought after by great sages, who offer him numerous prayers, perform severe austerities and other such activities to gain his favour; that same Swayam Bhagawam Sri Krishna embraces the numerous goddesses of fortune, his wives, and remains in their company, performing various activities for the pleasure of these Dwaraka mahishis. Being completely controlled by the love of his wife Satyabhama, he even went to the heavenly kingdom and got the parijata tree for her, as she had desired to have it in her garden. For this he even had to fight the demigods, yet the desire of his wife was a greater priority than the demigods, for whose protection he descended to this material world.

Thus Sri Krishna performs inconceivable pastimes with his associates. Although the controller of entire universe, he is controlled by the love of his unalloyed devotees. Similarly, when the Lord sees one of the jivas in this world accepting him as his only object of love, the Lord reciprocates accordingly. Therefore, we should all turn our propensity to love and serve in the direction of the Lord, because it is only then that we shall feel truly satisfied, for there is no one who can reciprocate love like Sri Krishna.