The reservoir of all qualities

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Sri Krishna is the embodiment of all rasa and is the enjoyer of all that is tasteful or rasik. Although his qualities are unlimited, the great vaishnavas have counted 64 special qualities in the Lord. Of these, 50 qualities are present to a minute degree in all perfected living entities, who are eternally engaged in the service of the Lord, whereas they are present in their fullest extent in the personality of Godhead. The next 5 qualities are present in Lord Shiva in a small portion and the 5 after that, making a total of 60, are present in all Vishnu murtis. The remaining 4 qualities are present exclusively in Sri Shyamsundar, the reservoir of all beauty, unlimited pastimes, sweet flute songs and deep love for his associates.

The 50 qualities that are present in their full splendor in the Lord and partially in the jivas are:

(1) His body is well constructed; (2) His body has all auspicious symptoms; (3) His body is beautiful; (4) His body is very glorious; (5) His body is very strong; (6) He always looks like a boy of sixteen; (7) He is well versed in various languages; (8) He is truthful; (9) He is decorated with pleasing words; (10) He is expert in speaking; (11) He is very learned; (12) He is very intelligent; (13) He is influential; (14) He is joyful; (15) He is cunning; (16) He is expert; (17) He is grateful; (18) He is firmly convinced; (19) He knows how to deal with different circumstances; (20) He is always conversant with scriptural injunctions; (21) He is clean; (22) He is controlled by His devotees; (23) He is steady; (24) He is self-controlled; (25) He is forgiving; (26) He is grave; (27) He is speculative; (28) He is fair in His dealings; (29) He is magnanimous; (30) He is religious; (31) He is a great hero; (32) He is merciful; (33) He is respectful; (34) He is competent; (35) He is gentle; (36) He is modest; (37) He is the protector of the souls surrendered unto Him; (38) He is the deliverer; (39) He is the friend of the devotees; (40) He is submissive to love; (41) He is all-auspicious; (42) He is most powerful; (43) He is famous; (44) He is devoted to all living entities; (45) He is worshipable by everyone; (46) He is very attractive to all women; (47) He is partial to His devotees; (48) He is full of all opulence; (49) He is the supreme controller; (50) He possesses all honor.

The following 5 qualities are present in full in the Lord and partially in Lord Shiva as well:

(1) He is always situated in His original condition; (2) He is omniscient; (3) He is evergreen or always fresh; (4) He is eternally blissful; (5) He is conversant and is the master of all perfection.

The next 5 qualities are present only in the Vishnu murtis and are as follows: (1) He has inconceivable qualities; (2) He is able to sustain innumerable universes; (3) He is the seed of all incarnations; (4) He grants the highest perfection to those enemies whom He kills; (5) He is the most attractive of self-realized persons.

Although all the forms of the Lord are complete and are equal from the perspective of tattva, the Supreme Lord and the fountainhead of all other expansions is Sri Krishna, as confirmed by Lord brahma in his Brahma Samhita as well, where he states:

īśvaraḥ paramaḥ kṛṣṇaḥ
anādir ādir govindaḥ 
Krsna who is known as Govinda is the Supreme Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes. 

Sri Krishna therefore has 4 additional qualities which are not present in any of the other forms of the Lord, not even in his pastimes in Mathura and Dwarka. These 4 super excellent qualities of Shyamsundar are:

(1) He is able to manifest wonderful pastimes; (2) He is expert at transcendental flute playing; (3) He is surrounded by loving devotees; (4) He possesses unparalleled personal beauty.

Let us therefore meditate upon Sri Krishna, the reservoir of the 64 qualities, and pray that some day our mind will be stolen by him and find refuge in his sweet enchanting lotus feet.