The robbers and the deliverance of the Puppy

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Once, two robbers came to the neighbourhood in which Jagannath Mishra lived and were looking for someone to rob. Just then they saw Nimai with all his golden ornaments and decided to kidnap him. They thought of taking him to a secluded place and stealing all his precious ornaments. Resolving to carry out their plan, they approached Nimai when his mother was not paying attention, and picking him up, hastily went from the place. Realising that she could no longer hear her darling son Nimai, Sachi mata came out of the house and started frantically looking for him. Soon, when they got to know that Gauranga was missing, the neighbours also started searching for him. Not finding him anywhere plunged Sachi and Jagannath Mishra in an ocean of immense grief. Crying piteously they prayed to the Lord and hoped that they would find Nimai. While they were thus searching for him, the thieves continued carrying Nimai and were searching for a secluded place to rob him of his ornaments. However, they could not find any appropriate place to carry out their intended plans and soon arrived at a place where they heard alot of commotion. Realising that they had reached the same place from where they had started, they immediately kept Vishwambhar on the ground and in fear of being caught, ran away as fast as their feet could carry them. Nimai approached the crowd and when one of the saw him, they all started jubilantly singing and dancing, feeling greatly relieved to have him back amongst them as he was dearer to them than their own lives.

On another occasion, Nimai and his friends were playing with some puppies on the streets of Mayapur. Fancying one of the puppies, Vishwambhar decided to take him home so that he could play with him all day long. Seeing this, some of the boys got upset and said that he had chosen the most beautiful one leaving the ugly ones for them. A small disagreement broke out among the boys and Nimai, fuming with anger, started heading home with the puppy. However, befor he could reach home, a few of the other boys quickly went there and told Sachi mata that Nimai is bringing a puppy home. Hearing this Sachi mata felt very disturbed. When she saw her dear-most beloved son come home with a puppy, mildly chastising him, she said: ” My dear son, Why do you do such mischief! You are brahman’s son and therefore should engage in attentively studying the shastras rather than playing with this impure animals. You should immediately leave the puppy outside the house and go take a bath in the ganges. I shall then feed you delicious prasad and sweets like sandesh.” Hearing his mother saying like this, Nimai became even more upset and adamantly said that he would no way set the puppy free. Hearing him say thus, Sachi affectionately stroked his beautiful face and told him to tie the puppy to a chair and then go take a shower in the ganges. After having prasad, he could again play with the puppy. Reluctantly agreeing to this, Nimai bound the puppy to the chair and told his mother to make sure that the puppy stays there and no one opens him up. All glories to the enchanting lotus face of Nimai. Smeared with sand from playing in the streets of Mayapur, the natural beauty of his face has increased hundred fold. The frown on his sweet face which is dripping nectar and the angry expression in his lotus eyes makes him appear even more charming. After saying thus to his mother, Nimai happily enjoyed water sports with his friends. After returning from the ganges, Nimai goes to the place where he had tied the puppy and sees that he was no longer there. This enraged Sachinandan and he stormed to his mother and demanded to know where the puppy was. Even though it was Sachimata herself who had untied and let the puppy go when Nimai had gone for a bath, she acted innocent and said that she had no idea what had happened to the puppy. She tried convincing him to first take prasad and then they would go out searching for him. He, however, immediately went out and started searching for the lost puppy. Only after great persuasion was Sachimata able to finally bring him home in the evening and feed him sumptuous prasad. She then sat him on her lap and affectionately covered him with hugs and kisses. A few days later, the residents of Nawadwip say the puppy ecstatically singing the holy names of the Lord and dancing in great jubilation. Just then, in front of all the onlookers, a celestial airplane descended from the heavenly planets and took the puppy back to the kingdom of Godhead. In this way, Nimai had delivered the puppy.