The setting of the Rasa dance

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In the midst of the Vrindavan forest
at the bank of the yamuna river 
there is a beautiful pavilion 
decorated by various fragrant blossoms

The buzzing bees hover over the blooms
eager to drink their delightful nectar
while swans and other water birds 
frolic in the waters of the yamuna river

the delicate creepers and flowering bushes 
give great pleasure to the eyes 
upon the branches of which 
sit cooing cuckoos and colorful parrots

The cool soothing rays of the moon 
brighten up the arena of the rasa dance
while a pleasant breeze blows blissfully 
permeating the air with the fragrance of sandalwood 

In such a beautiful atmosphere 
the best of the enjoyers of Rasa 
commences his pastimes of dancing 
surrounded by millions of Vraja damsels