The two naughty boys

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The two sons of Mother Yashoda and Mother Rohini, Shyamsundar and Balaram, are the apple of everyone’s eyes in Vrindavan. With their sweet smiles, they enchant the hearts of all the vrajavasis and with their mischievous pastimes, they attract the hearts of even the greatest of all yogis, who are completely free from the modes of material nature. During their early childhood, these two naughty boys would go to the house of the gopis of vraja and perform all sorts of mischievous activities like stealing the butter that the gopis would hang from the ceilings and pinching the small babies in the house so that they would start crying. They would also let loose the calves so that they could drink all the milk of the cows. Seeing these acts of the two pranksters, the gopis would feign anger, even though in the core of their hearts they would feel great pleasure upon seeing the sweet smiles of the two boys. As soon as they would go forward to catch Krishna and Balaram, their eyes would fill with fear and they would run hither and thither. When the Gopis finally caught hold of the two, they would take them to Mother Yashoda, complaining about them and advising her to teach them well not to go steal from the houses of others. However, when Mother Yashoda would take up a stick in her hand to punish the boys, the gopi’s hearts would immediately melt and they would request mother Yashoda to forgive Krishna and Balaram, saying that they were just kids. In this way, the elderly gopis of Vraja enjoyed the childhood pastimes of the selfsame personality of Godhead, who is the fountainhead of all the incarnations of Godhead and the proprietor of the entire spiritual and material realms. Being bound by the loving affection of their devotees, Krishna Balaram act just as ordinary small boys, who dance at the command of the Gopis, just so that they can get a handful of buttermilk from them as a reward. Such is the intense selfless love of the residents of Vraja, that even the Supreme Lord becomes a puppet in their hands, dancing at their command.