The unconquerable Lord is conquered by the love of his devotees

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How wonderful it is that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, the maintainer, master, creator, enjoyer and all in all of the whole material and spiritual universes, being controlled by the love of his devotees, becomes a family member and friend of the devotees. That self same Lord of the Universe blessed the Pandavas by behaving with them just as their very own relative. He would eat, sleep, talk, laugh and walk with them as one of them, being completely controlled by their pure love. Their hearts filled with love for the Lord, the Pandavas were always thinking of Krishna, desiring to serve and please him. There are numerous descriptions of their loving exchanges through out the various scriptures, such as, when Sri Krishna came to visit them at Indraprastha, he bowed down to offer respects to Maharaj Yudhishtir, as he was the elder cousin of the Lord, and Mahraj Yudhishthir, considering himself blessed to have the Lord at his home would lovingly embrace the Lord. The Lord similarly met Bhim and Arjun by embracing them and offered blessings to Nakul and Sahadev, who bowed down in front of the Lord, being younger than him. Arjun, being a dear friend of the Lord, would treat him just as a very dear friend and joke around with the Lord without any reservations. On the Battlefield of Kurukshetra, where the Lord kindly accepted to be the chariot driver of Arjun, Arjun would sometimes even support his foot against the shoulder of the Lord to get a better position for aiming his arrows at the opposing party. Such was the intimacy of the two friends. It was Krishna, to whom Draupadi called out in her times of distress, knowing him as her only shelter and protector. After the battle at Kurukshetra, the Lord also entered the Ganges river to offer water to the departed souls of the family, considering himself to be a kin of the Pandavas. Indeed, the good fortune of the Pandavas cannot be overstated, for they are extremely dear to the Lord and were blessed with the association of the Lord on numerous occasions. One can thus understand that the only way to attain true happiness in the association of the Lord is by offering one’s heart and soul at the Lotus feet of Sri Krishna and considering him to be our very own dear friend or relative, for it is only through this pure love that the Lord gets completely controlled. Although famous as Ajit, or one who is not conquered, he is very easily conquered by the love of his devotees.