Transcendental Cupid

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Those eyes are successful who behold his brilliantly beautiful form 
The reservoir of all sweetness and all beauty, the transcendental cupid 
O Look!
A splendid turban sits upon Shyam's head
Splendid peacock feathers decorate his hair 
A Vaijayanti garland hangs down to his knees 
Surrounded by numerous buzzing bees 
His bimba read lips make the Gopis swoon 
the nectar of those lips are the only boon 
that shall revive them from their condition 
inflicted upon them by the arrows of his glances 

When will the day come when I shall behold him standing,
under a fragrant Kadamba tree, in three places bending 
I shall surrender unto him my very heart and soul 
and become his forever, my life's only goal 

Let the bee of my mind find refuge in the lotuses of his feet
for that is the only place where my good fortune i shall meet