Tribhangi Shyam

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The monsoon could like dark complexioned son of Maharaj Nanda

Wearing dazzling earrings and a pearl hanging from the tip of his nose

A gorgeous turban upon his head, giving everyone the greatest ananda

Standing under a Kadambe tree at the bank of Yamuna in his tribhang pose


His sweet smile, stealing the hearts of all the young damsels of Vraja

Curly locks of hair falling down his shoulders in a gorgeous cascade

the auspicious markings of his feet imprinted in the Vrindavan raja

Calling all the Gopis with his flute song to the splendid forest glade


With eyes restlessly moving hither and thither like the khanjana birds

he drinks the beauty of the Gopis with his eyes and performs transcendental raasa

with a heart full of boundless love, he exchanges with them joking words

They dance together in the most enchanting way and sing together a beautiful raaga


When shall this beautiful sight of the divine couple manifest in the core of my heart

Surrounded by their dear associates, the fair and dark complexioned Vraja Jugal

granting me the service of their lotus feet, I shall be trained by Rupa manjari in this art

thus achieve the greatest desirable destination, with their mercy and transcendental bhakti bal