True transcendental bliss

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What bliss is there in this material world? Why is it that all the living entities are running behind the mirage of happiness which does not even factually exist in this world full of miseries? Why do we all run behind the fleeting pleasures of this temporary realm, where nothing is permanent? Impelled by the senses, we try to Lord it over the material nature, not realizing how we are actually being enslaved by Maya and bound up in this miserable cycle of birth and death. Which intelligent person would consider these endeavors for sense enjoyment to be of any worth and yet, despite thinking ourselves to be highly knowledgeable and advanced, we still blindly follow behind the objects of pleasure, being urged by the senses.

But if we were to turn our face towards the Supreme Personality of Godhead and realize the true bliss that is awaiting us if we start serving Shyamsundar with love and devotion in accordance with our constitutional position, then the very thought of material enjoyment would be despicable. The Lord is sat-chit-ananda, and being his eternal parts and parcels, we too are full of eternality, knowledge and bliss, and therefore it is but natural that we are inclined towards being happy. However, the bliss that our true self actually seeks is the bliss of Krishna Prem. The bliss of serving Sri Nandanandana Krishna in his abode Sri Vrindavan, where the material miseries are non-existent and where one experiences nothing but sublime transcendental bliss. Having an eternal transcendental form, devoid of old age and diseases, we shall be able to render beautiful services to the divine couple in the flowering kunjas of Vraja on the banks of the Kalindi, upon whose waves varied colored lotuses bloom and numerous swans frolic in whose refreshing waters. At the banks of the river which are strewn with precious jewels, various flowering plants like juhi, champa and chameli grow, diffusing their delicious aroma in the gentle blowing breeze, and it is here that the divine couple perform various enchanting pastimes, of which we shall be able to be a part.

However, to reach this exalted destination, we must first perform sadhana bhakti with enthusiasm, determination and patience, and in the association of Vaishnavas, and then only, with the blessings of the pure devotees of the Lord, shall we be able to attain this highest of all destinations. This process of Sadhana bhakti, although appearing to be tough in the beginning, on account of us being like the diseased patient of jaundice who finds even the sugar candy to be bitter, becomes exceedingly tasteful and full of indescribable nectar once the Sadhaka tastes even a drop of the sweetness of Sri Krishna. We should all, therefore, consistently endeavor to make progress on the path of bhakti, so that we too shall one day become eligible to taste this nectar and be engaged in the service of the divine couple Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar in their eternal abode of Sri Golok Vrindavan.