Umrao, the queen of Vraja

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One day, a doe eyed Gopi hastily came to Lalita Sakhi to inform her about the audacity of Krishna and his Sakhas, who were claiming Nandanandan to be the King of Vraja. Hearing about this, she enquired about the details and the Sakhi related to her the incident in detail.


In Chatravan, Krishna’s cowherd friends Madhumangal, Sridam, Sudam, Subal, Arjun and others placed Krishna on a magnificent throne and proclaimed him to be the undisputed ruler of entire Vraja. His various friends took up responsibilities and services like fanning him, holding an umbrella over his head, offering him beetle nuts to chew, while Balaram sat on his left, acting as the minister of state, and the Brahmana boy Madhumangal, who is always eager to eat delicious sweets and make funny jokes, acted as the court jester. Through Madhumangal, Krishna had it proclaimed throughout the land that he is the master and ruler of Vraja.


Hearing this news, Srimati Lalita devi’s eyebrows danced in anger and furious with this act of Krishna and the Sakhas in trying to claim rulership upon the rightful kingdom of her dear friend Srimati Radhika, she immediately had Radhika sit upon a splendid throne studded with the most precious stones and she herself, under the order of Vrindavaneshwari, sat on her left and took up the role of minister of state. The other Sakhis and manjaris began serving their queen (Umrava) in various ways, like fanning her with a chamara, offering her beetle nuts and other delectable eatables, holding an umbrella over her head and many other such services. In order to remind the Sakhas who the actual Queen of Vrindavan is, Srimati Lalita devi ordered all the Sakhis to attack Krishna and his Sakhas, while carrying flower sticks in their hands. After a short while they returned with Madhumangal bound by flower garlands and submitted him at the lotus feet of Srimati Radhika. Madhumangal begged to be forgiven and released, and agreed that Srimati Radhika was indeed unanimously the sole ruler of Vraja. Being requested by Madhumangal and being satisfied by his surrender, they released him and fed him sumptuously with sweets.


Heading back to Krishna from the gopis, Madhumangal told Krishna everything about how he was taken into captivity and humiliated by Lalita and other Sakhis of Srimati Radhika. Hearing this Krishna proceeded to Umrao, where Srimati Radhika was seated on the throne, surrounded by the Sakhis. Seeing her beloved in front of her Srimati Radhika became shy and wanted to give up her royal dress, but the Sakhis forced her to remain on the throne. Then Madhumangal placed Krishna on the throne on Srimati Radhika’s right side and made a pact with the Gopis according to which Srimati Radhika was accepted as the Monarch of Vraja and he joyfully informed her that Krishna was now completely under her authority and she may do as she desires with him. All the Sakhis, Radhika, Shyamsundar and the Sakhas present were thrown into an ocean of transcendental bliss upon hearing this statement of madhumangal and they all enjoyed these wonderful pastime to the fullest.