Upadeshamrita Verse 10

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karmibhyaḥ parito hareḥ priyatayā vyaktiḿ yayurjñāninas
tebhyo jñānavimuktabhaktiparamāḥ premaikaniṣṭhāstataḥ
tebhyastāḥ paśupālapańkajadṛśastābhyo'pi sā rādhikā
preṣṭhā tadvadiyaḿ tadīyasarasī tāḿ nāśrayet kaḥ kṛtī  

In the sastra it is said that of all types of fruitive workers, he who is advanced in knowledge of the higher values of life is favored by the Supreme Lord Hari. Out of many such people who are advanced in knowledge [jnanis], one who is practically liberated by virtue of his knowledge may take to devotional service. He is superior to the others. However, one who has actually attained prema, pure love of Krsna, is superior to him. The gopis are exalted above all the advanced devotees because they are always totally dependent upon Sri Krsna, the transcendental cowherd boy. Among the gopis, Srimati Radharani is the most dear to Krsna. Her kunda [lake] is as profoundly dear to Lord Krsna as this most beloved of the gopis. Who, then, will not reside at Radha-kunda and, in a spiritual body surcharged with ecstatic devotional feelings [aprakṛtabhava], render loving service to the divine couple Sri Sri Radha-Govinda, who perform Their astakaliya-lila, Their eternal eightfold daily pastimes. Indeed, those who execute devotional service on the banks of Radha-kunda are the most fortunate people in the universe.